Accommodate Channels When Migrating from Slack to MS Teams

The idea of migrating all members of Slack Channels to Microsoft Teams can seem overwhelming and challenging for businesses and their IT teams planning a Slack to Teams migration. However, with strategic approaches, even inexperienced IT teams can streamline the process and ensure that Microsoft Teams accommodates all the migrated users.

Explore this post to learn the approaches of accommodating Slack Channel members through CloudFuze’s proven Slack to Teams migration methodologies.

Accommodating Slack Public Channel Members in Microsoft Teams

Mapping and migrating Slack Public Channel members is one part; another crucial part is to ensure that they can get accommodated in Microsoft Teams. As per Microsoft’s official guidelines, each team in Microsoft Teams can accommodate up to 25,000 members.

With CloudFuze, the approach is straightforward and lightweight. When migrating Slack Channels, CloudFuze will automatically create a team in Microsoft Teams and channels under it. As a next step, CloudFuze will add members of the Slack Public Channels to the respective channels in the relevant team in Microsoft Teams.

Slack Public Channel

Public Team in Microsoft Teams

Migrating and Accommodating Slack Private Channel Members in Microsoft Teams

The process of migrating and accommodating members of Slack Private Channels is similar to Slack Public Channels. It is important to note that Slack Private Channels will be migrated as standard/Public Channels.

Slack Private Channel

Private Team in Microsoft Teams

If your organization has more members in Slack Private and Public Channels than the supported limit of 25,000 per team in Microsoft Teams, CloudFuze will create channels and accommodate members accordingly.

Do More With Your Company’s Slack to Teams Migration

You and your IT team can take highly intricate and granular approaches in strategically migrating your company’s Slack environment to Microsoft Teams. Plan the migration in multi-faceted ways, execute it in phases, track progress with live monitoring, and validate with comprehensive reporting.

Also, CloudFuze’s market-leading capabilities to migrate Slack DMs, group messages, and other features help your IT team ensure 100% replication in Microsoft Teams. Dig deeper with our migration team.

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