How to Migrate Data From Slack to Teams

1. Introduction

As Microsoft Teams offers vast benefits over Slack, many companies plan to switch from Slack to Teams. So, if you are one such company that wants to break up with Slack and decide to move to the Office 365 environment, which offers Teams for free as part of their applications, this article is for you. It is a big task for IT Admins to migrate the files from Slack with zero data loss regardless of the company size.

All your concerns about how the files migration is done, where it is stored in Teams after migration, how to access them, is the migration secured, which migration tool to consider, etc., are addressed in this article. You can either refer to the Slack to Teams migration guide or connect with migration experts to understand the complete migration process in detail.

2. Is file migration possible from slack to teams?

Though the manual migration of your company’s Slack files and attachments to Microsoft Teams seems like a simple process, there are a few points you should consider:

  • Files need to be converted into HTML to perform the migration
  • During the migration, some files may be lost and can’t be retrieved
  • On any of the files shared or received, there will be no timestamps
  • A lot of manual power and time required to migrate

As a result, if you have many files and want to migrate them easily without any data loss, you should opt for a third-party service that keeps your data safe during the Slack to Teams migration process.

3. How does Cloudfuze migrate files from slack to teams?

CloudFuze automates the migration for both files included in the direct messages and channels (public and private) with pre-defined mappings while preserving appropriate permissions. Users are authorized and mapped with their respective email addresses, as shown in the image below.
Slack to Teams files
If there is any change in the email addresses in the destination, then CloudFuze migrates by importing a CSV file where the users are mapped manually as per the company requirements.
You can select only the channels you want to migrate by checking the box before the channel name or selecting all the channels as per your needs. Note that the files from the selected channels will only get migrated to the destination, i.e., Microsoft Teams.
 migrate channels from Slack to Teams

4. Where are the migrated files stored?

All the files you shared or received will be migrated and available in the respective chats and can be accessed in the same way you access them on Slack. In addition, all the files of direct messages get stored in your OneDrive and all the channel files migrated will get stored in the SharePoint Online document library with as-is authorship information and the respective channel names, which makes it easy for you to find and open a file.
Sharepoint subsite

5. How do the files work after the migration?

The files are migrated as is, which means files shared through links like Google Doc links are migrated and can be accessed with the same link in the destination. All the other attached files, such as any Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, are migrated and accessed in the same format.

6. How safe is it to choose Cloudfuze slack to teams migration tool?

The primary concerns for any IT Admin when they plan for migration include the following and let us see how CloudFuze serves as a one-stop destination to all your problems.

  • Data security and safety

    CloudFuze uses a robust encrypt algorithm and state-of-the-art security features to ensure a high level of security to data.

  • Third-party access to the login credentials and business data

    CloudFuze uses OAuth protocol and APIs to ensure that no credentials and data are seen nor stored with us while executing the migration.

  • The time frame for migration

    Our architecture is designed in such a way that we provide a quick turnaround time in migrating our client’s business data. At the same time, the privacy of the data is maintained, being ahead of the other migration service providers.

7. How does Cloudfuze support slack to teams file migration?

Our team of experts with extensive experience in executing complex migrations from Slack to Teams will be your back, from analyzing the data to monitoring the migration process to completing the migration successfully. Furthermore, our team will always be in touch with you for any post-migration support you need.

You can watch the process, see how it progresses, and stay informed with updated messages sent directly to you through emails about the migration status. If tracking emails interrupts your daily job, you can schedule meetings with the migration support team for quick updates at your flexible timings.

8. Conclusion

A successful business migration from Slack to Teams requires a proven method for migrating all your users, channels, messages, chats, and files with timestamps, emojis, and @mentions wholly and securely. CloudFuze engineering team makes your Slack to Teams migration process simple, secure, and effective with expertise in both platforms.

All our technology experts invest a lot of time and effort to make almost everything or anything customizable as per the client’s requirements. CloudFuze is receiving more requests for assistance in migrating from Slack to Microsoft Teams. Contact us and start your migration from Slack to Teams now!

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