Copying Dropbox Paper Files to SharePoint Is Now Hassle-free

Transferring Dropbox Paper to SharePoint with CloudFuze

Companies and their IT teams planning to copy Dropbox files to SharePoint must consider migrating Dropbox-specific files, including Dropbox Paper, apart from industry-standard files such as Microsoft Office files.

However, migrating Dropbox Paper is easier said than done. This is because Microsoft 365 does not support Dropbox Paper format in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

Why Do Businesses Need To Migrate Dropbox Paper?

Similar to Microsoft and Google files, such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs, Dropbox Paper forms an integral part of document types that users can create, work on, and share. And as part of migrating all the important user content in Dropbox to SharePoint, businesses must include Dropbox Paper files in the scope of work.

Use Case 1 for Migrating Dropbox Paper

A company’s employees and teams use Dropbox Paper files to ensure they open natively in Dropbox without the users having to sign in on other apps, e.g., Google Docs.

Creating a Google doc from Dropbox

Since users use Dropbox Paper extensively in this scenario, it is a must for the company to migrate all the Dropbox Paper files of each user account.

Use Case 2 for Migrating Dropbox Paper

The management of a company encourages users to use Dropbox Paper for taking notes of critical meetings, such as client introductions, to ensure they can be easily differentiated from other file types, e.g., Microsoft Word documents. The specific use of Dropbox Paper for note-taking helps improve user productivity in finding and accessing the correct meeting notes efficiently.

In this case, the IT team must migrate all the Dropbox Paper files that include meeting notes data.

How Does CloudFuze Transfer Dropbox Paper to SharePoint Online and OneDrive

CloudFuze transfers Dropbox Paper files as Word documents in .DOCX format to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

Migrating Dropbox Paper to SharePoint Online as .docx

CloudFuze automates the process of migrating Dropbox Paper files in the .DOCX file format to SharePoint and OneDrive. The high-speed migration of Dropbox Paper files ensures the timely progress of the migration as planned in the migration timeline.

Here is the list of files in Dropbox, including Dropbox Paper, that CloudFuze migrates to Microsoft SharePoint Online

Dropbox File Type Converted File Type in SharePoint
Dropbox Paper DOCX
Microsoft Word DOCX
Microsoft Excel XLSX
Microsoft PowerPoint PPTX
Google Docs DOCX
Google Sheets XLSX
Google Slides PPTX

Steps to Migrate Dropbox Paper to SharePoint Online with CloudFuze

CloudFuze simplifies the process of transferring Dropbox Paper to Microsoft SharePoint for businesses of all sizes. Technically complex Dropbox Paper migration, e.g., transferring Dropbox Paper with permissions intact, is also simple with CloudFuze’s migration platform, X-Change.

Check out the process of transferring Dropbox Paper files to SharePoint Online with CloudFuze from the steps listed below:

Step 1

Choose the Dropbox Paper file(s) that you want to migrate.

Dropbox Paper file

In the screenshot above, we have also shown permissions linked to the Dropbox Paper file to demonstrate the retention of permissions in the destination.

Step 2

Map the user accounts from Dropbox to SharePoint Online.

User mapping

Step 3

Select the features to migrate. For example, features associated with the Dropbox Paper files, such as permissions.

Choosing the features to migrate

Step 4

After finalizing the user mapping and other parameters, initiate the migration to start the data transfer process.

Starting the migration

Step 5

Check the migrated Dropbox Paper file in Microsoft SharePoint and validate it by checking the content inside. Also, check and ensure that the permissions are retained.

Checking migrated Dropbox Paper file

Use CloudFuze’s Dropbox Paper Migration to Your Company’s Advantage

Businesses planning to migrate files from Dropbox to SharePoint and OneDrive face Dropbox Paper migration as one of the biggest technical challenges. However, CloudFuze can simplify the migration and help businesses achieve even the most technically complex migration goals.

Contact our business migration team to learn more about how CloudFuze can help your company migrate successfully.

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