Pre-Migration Analysis to Copy Dropbox Data to SharePoint

Is your company planning for a Dropbox to SharePoint Online migration? Before initiating the migration of large volumes of user accounts and data, your team must conduct a thorough pre-migration analysis to scope the migration project in a well-informed way.

Check out the vital factors to consider in a pre-migration analysis in order to strategically transfer data from Dropbox to SharePoint Online.

Determining Which User Accounts and Data to Migrate

When your internal IT team prepares to copy Dropbox data to SharePoint Online, learn about the SharePoint Online migration limitations as part of performing the pre-assessment. This will help prepare your team to overcome the gaps in advance through appropriate solutions.

Below are some of the common limitations of SharePoint Online.

  • It does not support certain special characters like ” * : < > ? / \ |.
  • It does not support specific file/folder names, including .lock, CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM0 – COM9, LPT0 – LPT9, _vti_, desktop.ini, or any filename starting with ~$.
  • It does not support file paths longer than 400 characters.

You must ensure that your shortlisted third-party data migration tool can help overcome the challenges in migrating from Dropbox to SharePoint Online.

Pre-Provisioning and Preparing The SharePoint Online Environment 

Verify whether your team has created and pre-provisioned the Microsoft 365 user accounts. Also, create all the necessary SharePoint Online Sites before moving the data so that your team can map the Dropbox shared data to the right libraries.

Migrating Dropbox Paper Data

Is your internal IT team prepared to transfer source cloud-specific data like Dropbox Paper to SharePoint Online?

Include this assessment as part of your pre-migration analysis. Ensure that your shortlisted data migration tool can convert the Dropbox Paper files into the Microsoft-supported. DOCX format.

Understanding the Differences in Permission Levels 

User roles and permission levels vary across different clouds. By comprehending the differences, you can avoid inaccuracies in mapping the user accounts.

Fortunately, no complexity is involved in migrating the permission levels across Dropbox and SharePoint Online, as they have similar user roles.

Dropbox SharePoint
Can view Can view
Can edit Can edit

Choosing the File Features to Migrate 

One of the most critical aspects of performing a pre-migration analysis is determining which file features to preserve. Choose from the various file features like version history, metadata, shared links, permissions, etc. Migrating the exact source file features to the destination cloud is a key step in achieving accurate replication of the Dropbox environment in SharePoint Online.

If you are uncertain about the pre-migration analysis processes, consult with our migration team. Our managed migration team offers an in-depth pre-migration analysis. We help seamlessly overcome SharePoint Online limitations and transfer Dropbox Paper data with the help of our migration tool’s  in-built features.

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