CloudFuze Announces Release of Android Application

Android Application

CloudFuze goes mobile with its new Android release, taking the first step toward serving today’s BYOD workforce.

CARY, NC – May 14, 2013 – CloudFuze, a leader in cloud storage services management, has announced the release of an Android app to complement its flagship desktop application. The new product brings all of CloudFuze’s capabilities to Android mobile devices, moving closer to CloudFuze’s ultimate goal of providing “any device” support for cloud storage services users around the globe.

Ravi Poli, CloudFuze Founder and CEO, recognized a growing need for more effective cloud storage services management for modern mobile workforces. By bringing its cloud storage aggregation and management platform to Android users, CloudFuze has begun to meet this need.

“In today’s increasingly mobile work environment, CloudFuze strives to provide knowledge workers with the ability to efficiently and seamlessly collaborate across multiple clouds while working from any device,” Poli comments. “The cloud lets them access their files from anywhere, and now CloudFuze gives Android users the ability to do the same from their mobile devices.”

As the company’s first product for mobile devices, the Android release also supports CloudFuze’s ultimate vision for a collaborative workforce that leverages mobile technology and cloud services to better enable and empower workers.

“The emerging “bring your own device” (BYOD) movement has the potential to greatly increase knowledge workers’ efficiency and productivity, but only if advancements in cloud technology make it possible for them to gain seamless access to the files and documents they need,” Poli notes. “With our Android release, CloudFuze allows mobile workers to do just that.”

The CloudFuze Android app is just a part of a complete suite of products that will soon include iOS and web applications, both expected to be released before the end of 2013.

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