Cloud Migration Business Cases: Insights from Real World Cases

When planning your company’s cloud migration, one of the best ways to gain deep actionable insights is to dissect real world case of business data migrations that resonate with your company’s migration use case.

The more relevant insights you gain, the simpler it can become for your IT team to strategize and perform the cloud migration in ways that address the use case and align with the end-goals.

We’ve designed this post as a repository for you to gain real-world implementations of our industry-leading solutions that have created migration success stories for some of the world’s biggest companies, such as Intuit, Stryker, REHAU, London Gatwick Airport, Michigan State University, and more.

Time Crunch Can Be a Bigger Challenge Than Anticipated

Many businesses tend to overlook the timeframe aspect when planning cloud migrations. Several factors, such as approaching license expiration dates of the source clouds, Google Vault limitations, etc, can choke the timeline, making it narrower and creating urgency to move all the planned users and data faster.

Case Study Highlight: London Gatwick Airport faced a major challenge of a short timeline when it planned to consolidate into Microsoft 365 during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a deadline of less than two months, they turned to us. By using dedicated servers with high-performance configurations, we were able to help them migrate within the timeframe while adhering to GDPR. Learn more about this case study here.

Moving Away from Several Source Clouds Requires a Methodological Approach

When it comes to moving away from multiple source clouds to consolidate into a single cloud suite like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, the scope of work gets bigger, and so do the complications. Therefore, it is crucial to take a methodological approach of migrating users and their data from each source cloud alternatively. By focusing on one cloud migration combination at a given time, your team, as well as the migration vendor, can plan the scope or work properly and structure the entire migration.

Equally important is to segregate the total number of user accounts to migrate into several batches. This approach makes it simple for your IT team to perform the one-time and delta migration and validation while steering clear of API throttling risks.

Case Study Highlight: Intuit, a leading financial software and services company, needed to perform migrations to Google Workspace from multiple source clouds, including Box, Dropbox, and NFS. Our migration team helped build a structured framework through which they were able to undertake this mammoth migration task. Learn more about the Intuit case study here.

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