Intuit Consolidates into Google Workspace with

Intuit successfully transitioned from three different storages, Box, Dropbox, and NFS to Google Workspace with CloudFuze as the migration partner. They faced many challenges along the way, including Dropbox limitations, Google Workspace limitations, server overloads, duplications, and more. But with our migration solutions, they were able to make the move a complete success.


Customer Overview

Intuit, a prestigious tech firm focusing on financial software and services, boasts a varied team of over 18,000 staff members. As an industry frontrunner, Intuit dedicates itself to creating cutting-edge financial software solutions tailored for individuals, small enterprises, and financial experts. The company’s headquarter is located in Mountain View, California, in the United States.

Migration Challenges

Migration Challenges

The complexity of migrating from Box, Dropbox, and NFS (network file system) to Google My Drive and Google Shared Drives presented a lot of challenges. With an attempt to self-migrate, Intuit faced the complexities of adhering to Dropbox and Google Workspace’s limitations, utilized the API calls to the point of risking rate limit throttling, and more.

CloudFuze’s Role

Our migration team offered prompt support in helping Intuit recover from the migration complexities they were getting into. With a deep level of clarity on the challenges faced, our migration team provided Intuit with strategic solutions that enabled them to move away from all three storages and consolidate into Google Workspace securely and seamlessly.

CloudFuze's Role
Migration Results

Migration Results

Our team helped Intuit migrate to Google Workspace in ways that aligned with their business goals of total consolidation. With end-to-end support, Intuit did not make any security compromises when making the data-sensitive cloud transition.