Cloud Data Migration Challenges: Security & Technicalities

As much as businesses are aware of the innumerable benefits of cloud storage, it is equally important to contemplate the associated challenges. According to a report, the average spend on a cloud data breach was estimated to be USD 4.45 million. This has influenced companies to develop solid migration strategies to combat security threats and overcome cloud data migration challenges.

This post shares actionable insights and cloud data migration best practices to help mitigate the risks and issues during the data transfer.

1. Data Security

A study reveals that cloud migration data security is one of the top challenges that nearly 79% of the respondents faced. This calls for extra vigilance on security protocols and safety measures during the migration, either from on-premise to the cloud or from one cloud to another.

Security in most clouds works based on a shared responsibility model, where the end-users in the cloud are also responsible for maintaining the data security as the Cloud service provider. Further, to maintain data integrity during cloud migration, your cloud migration vendor must offer encryption of data at rest and during transit and provide robust authentication protocols.

2. Governance and Compliance

Maintaining complex guidelines and standards for governance can be a significant challenge during data transfer to the cloud. Your cloud data migration strategy must include a clear roadmap to demonstrate data governance and compliance policies. Identify sensitive data that your company must store in private clouds and flag information that can be shared. State rules on maintaining a multi-cloud environment and ensuring data integrity and safety in all scenarios.

Make it a priority to partner with cloud data migration service providers who help meet the highest compliance standards and align with your organization’s governance.

3. Lack of Migration Expertise

IT teams that don’t have prior experience in planning and performing migrations may fail to address all the critical security areas. If your team is on the same page, it is best to leverage the expertise of a credible migration service provider.

Cloud storage migration service providers like CloudFuze offer highly secure migration solutions backed by decades of experience and insights.

4. Managing Cloud Spend and Licenses

When compared to on-premises infrastructure investment, the cloud offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which is highly cost-effective. But when it is not rightly managed by specifying which resources to include and when to upscale or downscale, you might end up with unwanted cloud spend that can affect your company’s ROI.

Avoid mismanagement of cloud office expenses by choosing the right business plan/license and utilizing cloud-native tools to optimize and track expenses. Collaborate with a cloud data migration service provider that offers flexible and customized pricing plans.

5. Data Recovery

Unpredictable disasters do not spare even the most secure clouds, leading to data loss and havoc within the organization.  Having timely data backups ensures resilience, protecting the organization from downtime and complications. Your cloud data migration service provider must also provide a disaster recovery strategy and backup plans so that no data is lost during the data transfer from your existing source data storage to the destination cloud. By proactively addressing these cloud data migration challenges, businesses can ensure complete protection of their data.

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