Why Broken Hyperlinks Are the No.1 Problem in Migrations?

It goes without saying that broken hyperlinks are one of the biggest problems in cloud data migrations that is largely unaddressed. Hyperlinks in files that break after the migration no longer serve their linking purpose and therefore lead to inefficiencies in user collaboration. And with the impaired accessibility, organizations (of all sizes) stand at a greater risk of significantly impacting the user experience with the migration project.

The Impact of Broken Hyperlinks for Businesses

Breakage of a single hyperlink may not be a problem. But on a scale, it becomes a significant technical shortcoming that can impact your organization’s operational continuity post-migration. In most cases, hyperlinks, also known as embedded links, serve as specific access points for users to visit the intended resource, such as web page, or any type of file or folder (local or online). As such, they play an integral role in facilitating seamless access which, in turn, helps streamline collaboration between individual users and across various teams.

When these hyperlinks break (especially at a large volume), users can no longer access the resource which creates a significant disruption in organization-wide collaboration. Fixing broken hyperlinks, especially on a large scale, is a major challenge for businesses as there is a significant cost involved in it when done manually.

The ROI Implication of Broken Hyperlinks

As it is with any other type of issue, broken hyperlinks impair your organization in being able to accurately replicate the source cloud’s user collaboration structure in the destination cloud. As a result, your organization cannot benefit fully from the planned migration and gain a high ROI out of it. In fact, the need to fix the broken links involves additional expense which adds to the overall migration spend.

How to Avoid Breaking Hyperlinks and Oher Links During Migrations?

The best way to avoid breaking hyperlinks and other types of links during any cloud data migration is to address the change of location in the embedded links during the migration itself. This translates into having a process that autocorrects the links with the change of address during the migration without any human intervention.

Our link migration and correction tool, LinkEx, does just that and does not involve any additional cost. It works in tandem with our content migration tools to make it seamless for your IT team to migrate files and folders from the source to the target cloud(s) without risking breaking the links. Get in touch with our team to further understand LinkEx and how it can work to your organization’s advantage.

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