Using a One-Stop Solution for Box to SharePoint Online Migration

Using a One-Stop Solution for Box to SharePoint

Businesses that plan to move everything over from Box to SharePoint Online and OneDrive must leverage a one-stop solution that meets all migration needs. Apart from having the right solutions to every migration need, using an all-inclusive migration tool helps streamline several processes, such as:

  • Project budget approvals (single pricing that includes all migration services)
  • Legalities, such as MNDA approvals
  • Security processes, such as setting up the right migration environment

With a one-stop migration solution like CloudFuze, you can meet your organization’s entire migration needs, some of which we have listed below.

Migrating User Accounts and Data With a Granular Approach

It becomes effortless for businesses and their IT teams to migrate user accounts and data from Box to SharePoint Online and OneDrive granularly with a versatile, one-stop-shop migration tool. Unlike the approach of migrating everything over, having granular control helps the management and the IT team move what is actually needed and filter to skip the user accounts and data no longer needed in the destination environment.

Apart from choosing what to migrate, your organization can also take a granular approach in planning how to move the data over. For example, with CloudFuze X-Change, your IT team can have the flexibility to custom map the user accounts from Box to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. The custom mapping option helps migrate Box data to relevant SharePoint Online Sites.

Migrating Box Notes in Supported Formats

Opting for a separate tool to migrate Box Notes to OneDrive and SharePoint Online can complicate the overall migration project with separate legalities that your IT team needs to streamline with your company’s legal team.
To avoid further complicating the migration project, it is best to use a single migration tool that can accurately migrate Box Notes files in formats that Microsoft 365 allows in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.
Our Box Notes migration service migrates all Box Notes files as .DOCX files in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

From leveraging the latest Box Notes APIs to supporting permissions and metadata preservation, our Box Notes migration service is peerless in the cloud office migration industry.

File Type Migrated Format
Box Notes                                                          .DOCX

Migrating Box Notes to SharePoint Online

Migrating Links Without Breaking Them

One of the flawed gaps that persist in the cloud office migration industry is that most cloud office migration tools get it wrong when it comes to migrating links. In many cases, links break in the target cloud after the migration as they can no longer point to the address that is changed during the migration.
And it can become complicated to have the links migrated separately with a different tool while using another tool just for the user accounts and data migration. To solve this complexity, our links migration and fixing tool, CloudFuze LinkEx, is designed to seamlessly work with user account and data migration. This approach helps transfer all the links during the main migration itself.

Performing Comprehensive Email Migrations

It can take a lot of time for your IT team to research a separate email migration tool to migrate the email system your organization is using with Box to Outlook in Microsoft 365. And wasted IT man-hours is always a direct or indirect financial loss to any business.

With CloudFuze as the cloud office migration partner, your company can perform a complete email migration that includes migration of mailboxes, calendar syncs, attachments, email groups, distribution lists, sharing permissions, metadata, and more.

Get in touch with our migration team to learn how our one-stop solution for complete cloud office migrations can help your business achieve all the planned goals.

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