5 Best Practices for Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Success

Are you planning to transfer Dropbox to Google Drive? Does downloading and uploading files between Dropbox and Google Drive work? Yes, you could simply download files and folders from your Dropbox account and upload all the data to your Google Drive account. But there are some limitations (can’t migrate Dropbox features) and issues (data losses) aligned with this approach.

You don’t have to worry about your data migration if you have a good plan. The better you plan, the more successful your migration will be. Here are the 5 best practices that help IT Admins switch from Dropbox to Google Drive successfully.

1. Build a Successful Migration Plan

Data migration complexities depend on the data size, data type, and the source and target clouds. Having a solid plan before migration will make any project successful. So, set up a detailed data migration plan with clear goals considering:

  • Which data is to be migrated?
  • Where should the data be migrated?
  • Who all needs to be involved in the project?
  • What is the timeline for project completion?

Before making any significant changes to your business, ask these questions ahead of time to ensure that you stay on budget and move the right data from Dropbox to Google Drive within the defined timelines.

Our migration experts will help you design a migration strategy that fits your business requirements.

2. Analyze Your Dropbox Business Data

Ensure that you don’t repeat the same data issues existing in Dropbox in a new cloud, especially with large volumes of data that will become more difficult to assess as they increase. It is worth investing time to clean up your data that is no longer required and user accounts that haven’t been used for quite a long time.

Duplicate data is another important thing to consider. When you migrate with clean data, you can rest assured that you’ll start with accurate data on your new Google Drive Cloud.

3. Customize the Features to Be Migrated

Dropbox files deal with plenty of features that are important for a business to migrate to the new cloud along with the data.

  • Root folder permissions
  • Subfolder permissions
  • Root file permissions
  • Versions
  • Timestamps
  • External Shares
  • Shared Links

Before initiating the migration process, you must decide whether all or specific features you need to move from your Dropbox business to Google Drive. For example, you might want only specific permissions or selective versions to be migrated.

Dropbox to Google Drive Permissions

CloudFuze migration platform allows you to select the features you want to migrate. Also, you can exclude specific file types to get migrated by entering the file types in the field, as shown in the image above. Talk to our experts to customize the migration options as per your business needs.

4. Simplify the Migration With Right Tools

It is important to consider choosing the right data migration tool that can simplify transferring data from Dropbox to Google Drive. Your decision should be based on the business requirements of your company. Perform multiple tests to validate as needed to validate which data migration tool or service is best suited for your business.

Tools like CloudFuze, a Google Technology Partner, make it easy to move data from Dropbox to Google Drive. CloudFuze experts understand the challenges involved in migrating your data to Google Drive and provide a solution that can scale up or down to meet your specific project needs.

You should ask yourself these five questions before you copy Dropbox to Google Drive

5. Ensure Your Ongoing Migration Project is Successful

Initiating a migration project doesn’t mean that the migration is successful. To ensure a smooth migration and avoid data loss, you need to monitor the migration process.

CloudFuze provides a dedicated migration team support who constantly monitors your migration project saving IT Admins time and reducing stress. The team makes strategic decisions based on the data by identifying the key issues that may arise during the migration process. The team ensures that the data is securely migrated to the right person and path without data loss.

Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Success

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