5 Things Every Business Must Know Before Migrating Dropbox to Google Drive

Moving your business to Google Drive can help you boost the process and productivity and reduce IT costs. Despite the benefits that business gets, transferring all the files from Dropbox to Google Drive will be a challenging work ahead for IT Admins and Managers. So, how do you ensure a smooth and successful migration? IT Admins must know these 5 things before migrating from Dropbox to Google Drive to have a smooth and stress-free migration.

Migrating Dropbox to Google Drive

1. Data Migration Can be Challenging

The challenge comes as Dropbox and Google Drive have their custom architecture, and some of the file formats and permissions are not compatible enough to migrate to Google Drive. In addition, Google Drive has certain limitations that IT Admins should be known before migrating data from Dropbox to Google Drive.

  • Google Drive allows migrating up to 20 levels of nested folders (subfolders)
  • Google Drive allows uploading only 750 GB of data per day

The key to overcoming challenges is finding the tool that addresses the key Google Drive migration challenges and limitations.

CloudFuze, a Google Technology Partner, has a proven track record of experience in dealing with the challenges and migrating the data without any delay and any data losses.

2. Data Migration Tools Can Be Expensive

Data migration tools can be costly, especially the tailor-made tools to the business-specific needs. Choosing the least expensive tool can put the data at risk while migrating, especially if you’re moving many files or sensitive data. Regardless of how expensive, time-consuming, or risky IT Admins will have to deal with it if business owners mandate the migration.

Before choosing a cloud data migration tool, verify its features and customization options to ensure that it meets the specific needs you’ll need to complete the migration.

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3. Data Migration Projects Can Take a Long Time to Complete

The duration of a migration project depends on many factors, such as:

  • Number of users you are migrating
  • Number of items you are migrating
  • Size of the items you are migrating

Depending on the data size, migration can take a few weeks to a few months. The longer the data, the long a migration takes to complete. Network speed and the destination cloud limitations (to which the data is being migrated) can also affect the migration’s progress.

CloudFuze automates the process and moves files from Dropbox to Google Drive in the shortest time possible.

Use the IT Admin checklist to help you plan and scale your Dropbox to Google Drive Migration.

4. Free Tools Can Make a Migration Project to Fail

Will your company save money by using the free data migration solutions? These free migration tools support limited features and don’t support large-scale migration projects that will significantly impact your migration project. It can be more expensive than planning your migration with a paid tool.

Most migration projects typically require dedicated experts to manage, monitor and complete the migration successfully. The lack of assistance with free tools can land you in a risky and stressful situation.

CloudFuze offers tailored solutions to help companies move Dropbox to Google Drive faster, meeting their business objectives.

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5. Not All Tools Are Suitable for All Migration Projects

There are only a few tools that support data migration between different clouds. Cloud to cloud migrations can be complex, but selecting the right tools can make a move easier.

A tool handling data migration between multiple clouds is competent in solving complex migrations. IT Admins shouldn’t rush into a data migration solution without knowing its compatibility with different cloud services.

Partnering with a multi-cloud migration service like CloudFuze (which supports 40+ clouds) allows businesses to move files easily and quickly from Dropbox to Google Drive without compromising on the company’s data.

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