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There’s no denying the fact that proper planning is critical to making any Slack to Microsoft Teams migration successful. But at the same time, there’s no certainty that the migration will go as planned. In fact, the more areas of planning a team misses out, the higher the odds of encountering roadblocks along the way.

Even if you ensure to check all the boxes for your company’s upcoming migration, we recommend having a bit of agility to tackle the unforeseen challenges. Continue reading to gain insights on this topic:

What it Means to Have Agility When Transferring Slack Users and Messages to Teams?

Building agility when migrating channels, users, and messages from Slack to Teams can translate into having room for flexibility across most, if not all, areas of the migration. For example, if your organization does not have a short deadline to meet, your IT team can make the migration timeline a bit flexible to accommodate tasks that might take more time than anticipated, such as validating the migrated users, channels and messages.

Explore our cloud migration strategy guide to learn more about maintaining agility during migration.

How to Maintain Agility During the Migration?

Having room for changes/ modifications necessitated by unforeseen challenges is at the core of transferring Slack data to Teams in an agile way. Here are some of the best practices we recommend that can help your team build agility and eliminate the risks of disruptions to the migration process:

  • Ensure sufficient API calls are available at both the Slack and Microsoft side. This way, your team does not stand at the risk of reaching the rate limit during the migration.
  • In case of a steep deadline, plan the timeline in such a way that it leaves a buffer time to consolidate things post-migration. This way, your team can ensure completion of the entire project within the deadline.
  • When regularly communicating with the migration team (through calls, emails, etc), make sure to involve a couple other stakeholders from your company into the decision-making to ensure they can continue the communications when you or other critical team members are not available at any point in time. This way, you can ensure the migration progresses smoothly even if small changes need to be made along the way.

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