Why is it Critical to Maintain Agility in Cloud Migration Strategy?

When planning a cloud data migration strategy, many companies tend to miss out on one of the core components of migration success: agility. Sure, it is crucial to have a well-structured roadmap for the entire migration project. But it is also equally important to have the flexibility to make changes to the plan, should it be necessary along the journey.

We have shared some of the key approaches to maintaining agility. You and your IT team can gather insights from them and try implementing in your company’s cloud migration strategy

Adapting to Priorities That May Change Along the Way

It is safe to say that cloud data migrations, especially when planned at a large scale, are not 100% predictable. In many cases, there are a lot of variables that can change the course of the migration, such as:

  • The number of API calls available in the source and target cloud licenses
  • The admin ownership structure of shared data
  • Limitations of the source and destination cloud platforms
  • Policy changes within the organization during the migration
  • Limited migration timeline bound by obligations, e.g., upcoming source cloud license renewal
  • Incremental changes that users make during the migration

With any of the above or other variables, some of the priorities in your company’s ongoing migration may change. As such, your team must be able to make changes to the roadmap in order to adapt to those changing priorities in cost-efficient and secure ways.

Example from one our customer’s migrations

One of our customers had a certain amount of Box storage API calls available that would not suffice for transferring the planned data volume. Discovering this limitation raised the risk of a major roadblock while the migration was already in progress.

As a solution, our migration team recommended purchasing the required number of API calls to ensure that the data transfer process does not get impacted. With our 10+ years of insights and experience, we have helped a lot of our customers tackle such unforeseen roadblocks with agility.

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