Transfer OneDrive Files to Google Drive With External Shares

External file sharing is the key to having seamless collaboration with contractors, vendors, and other external stakeholders. If your organization plans to transfer OneDrive files to Google Drive, it is imperative to maintain the same levels of external sharing across the source and the destination clouds.

In this post, discover the best way to preserve external file-sharing permissions when you move data from OneDrive to Google Drive.

Why Should You Transfer Data From OneDrive to Google Drive With External Shares?

What happens when you fail to transfer external sharing permissions from OneDrive to Google Drive? The external stakeholders who had access to files/folders initially in OneDrive (source cloud) will be unable to use them after moving data to Google Drive.

This prevents external users from contributing their ideas, suggestions, and approvals, that highly impacts the business operations. You must manually identify the source files/folders enabled with external sharing and grant the exact permissions to external users in the destination files/folders. But this process can be highly complicated and time-consuming.

Also, improper or incorrect permissions mapping to external users can put your company’s confidential data at risk. It might lead to a data breach or loss that can result in huge financial loss and tarnish your company’s brand image.

Hence, for your company’s smooth functioning, you must transfer data with external shares using a reliable third-party data migration tool like CloudFuze.

How Does CloudFuze Enable Data Transfer With External Sharing?

CloudFuze’s in-built features enable you to transfer OneDrive files to Google Drive with external sharing. It retains the email ids of external users for each file/folder sharing during the data transfer. This ensures that your IT team does not need to spend time and effort manually sharing the files with external users.

Each cloud has a unique URL structure for its files or folders, and it differs across different clouds. So when your company plans to move files from OneDrive to Google Drive, you must ensure that there are no broken links and that all the permissions are intact.

CloudFuze’s LinkEx tool helps transfer OneDrive files to Google Drive without any broken links. It alters the source file/folder links so that they work appropriately in the destination cloud with the same permissions.

See the below example that displays how CloudFuze’s in-built feature helps to move data from OneDrive to Google Drive with external shares.

Check the source cloud (OneDrive) folder that is shared externally. For example, assume a folder owner, Eric, shared the file with Steven and Jane with view and edit access, respectively.

After the data transfer using CloudFuze, you can verify the destination cloud for the same external shared folder. You can see that it has granted the exact permissions to the same external users. Correctly migrating the external file-sharing permissions is one of the vital steps in post-migration validation when you move data from Onedrive to Google Drive.

CloudFuze helps overcome the issues associated with manually granting access to external users after the data migration from OneDrive to Google Drive. Our managed migration team can assist you in end-to-end migration and make external file/folder sharing a seamless and less complicated process.

For more details, connect with our data migration team.

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