Strategy to Transfer Slack to Microsoft Teams During an M&A

Transfer Slack to Microsoft Teams

If your company has planned to transfer from Slack to Teams in the event of a Merger and Acquisition (M&A) and looks forward to knowing the best strategies to be followed, then you are in the right place.

This blog outlines the key strategies to be handled in Slack to Microsoft Teams migration during an M&A and how CloudFuze can help achieve it.

Deciding Whether to Migrate All or Selective Users

Before you kickstart the migration process to move Slack files to Microsoft Teams, deciding which user account data needs to be transferred is important. Some M&A cases require migrating all users, while some need only selective user data.

CloudFuze is one of the leading cloud migration tools that help select the desired user accounts when you transfer Slack to Microsoft Teams.

Deciding Whether to Migrate DMs

During an M&A event, your business must decide whether to migrate all the data, including  Direct Messages (DMs). Some DMs might be essential during M&A, impacting the future of work in the parent company, while the rest can be avoided during migration.
Unlike Slack Channel migration, DM migration involves complex procedures.

It calls for a competent cloud data migration tool, like CloudFuze, that enables companies to migrate DMs from Slack Direct Messages to Teams based on business requirements.

Having a Solid Plan to Migrate Slack Channels

Once your company has decided to migrate Slack Channels to Teams, begin with identifying the essential Slack Channels for your organization. Once identified, create a mapping plan from Slack to Teams and verify it thoroughly.

Post the Slack Channel selection, CloudFuze helps to migrate chats from Slack to Microsoft Teams, including chat metadata, timestamps, emojis, @mentions, Threads, Pinned messages, Attachments, etc., respective to the selected Channels.

With CloudFuze, you can migrate the entire Slack Channels to Teams in one step and save considerable time and effort for your IT team.

Renaming Slack Channels Post-migration in Microsoft Teams

A Slack Channel name usually describes its purpose or identifies its users or associated groups. After you transfer Slack to Microsoft Teams during an M&A, some situations might require renaming the Channels.

For example, the Channel names with the previous company’s or their internal team’s name might need to be changed to the acquirer’s name. But it would add more complexity and extra work if done by yourself.

CloudFuze enables you to rename the Channels in Microsoft Teams post successful migration from Slack Channels.

Migrating Slack Channels as Sub-Channels in Microsoft Teams

The main difference between Slack and Microsoft Teams is that Slack does not have the option to have sub-Channels, while it is possible in Teams.

CloudFuze provides this feature for effortless and seamless migration of Slack Channels as sub-Channels in Microsoft Teams. CloudFuze’s cloud migration tool offers the option to move a selected channel either as a ‘team’ or as a ‘sub-channel’ while migrating to Microsoft Teams.

Retaining or Changing Admin Permissions

During an event of M&A, there are more possibilities for changes in the hierarchies and administrative capabilities within the organization. This results in changing the admin permission for the migrated Teams Channels or retaining them as the previous ones.

CloudFuze allows businesses to retain the admin permissions to the same owner or change it to a different owner for the migrated Slack Channels to Microsoft Teams.

Planning Whether to Decommission the Slack Environment Post-migration

Once you successfully transfer Slack to Microsoft Teams, you can decide whether you would like to continue using Slack in a minimal plan or choose to decommission the platform.

Post the acquisition most organizations prefer to maintain a single communication platform throughout. Also, as the entire chat history and metadata are migrated to Microsoft Teams, there would be no necessity to continue maintaining Slack for any future use. Decommissioning Slack would also help save recurring license expenses for the company.

Communication and Training on Microsoft Teams

Before your company plans to move Slack files to Microsoft Teams, one of the vital parts of the migration strategy is to convey and train your employees about the Teams interface. In addition, it will ensure their confidence and readiness to move to a new business communication and collaboration platform.

CloudFuze X-Change is a powerful data migration tool that helps in secure data transfer from Slack to Microsoft Teams, including workspaces, Channels, direct messages, and users.

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