How to Rename a Slack Channel Name During Migration to Teams

rename slack channel

It is challenging for businesses to migrate channels and data from Slack to Teams as the IT team has to make sure there would be little to no content loss and that the conversation history from Slack would remain intact.

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Why Rename a Slack Channel When Migrating to Teams?

Users can create public and private channels in both Slack Workspaces and Microsoft Teams. The main difference is that users join a “channel” in Slack, whereas in Teams, they join a “team”, which is a grouping of Teams channels.

Slack Workspaces and Microsoft Teams

Slack doesn’t allow to create sub-channels in the workspace. The channel can only be renamed to represent sub-channels in Slack. Whereas in Microsoft Teams, you can create multiple sub-channels inside each team. Administrators benefit greatly from this functionality. Otherwise, managing the increased number of channels in the workspace will be considerably harder.

As a result, the channel name change has been many organizations’ concerns when switching from Slack to Teams. However, the CloudFuze tool makes it simple to change the name of your Slack channel when migrating. Besides, the platform allows you to migrate a Slack channel as a sub-channel in Teams.

You can read this guide or watch the migration video if you are an IT admin exploring ways to Rename a Slack Channel Name During Migration to Teams. This video will teach you how to rename Slack channels to Microsoft Teams.

Steps to Rename Slack Channel Name During Teams Migration

Follow the steps below to rename a Slack channel when migrating to Teams:

1. Go to and create a CloudFuze account.

2. Add your Slack workspace to CloudFuze.

3. Enter Slack admin login credentials and allow access to CloudFuze.

4. Add a Microsoft Teams account to CloudFuze by entering your Microsoft 365 admin login credentials.

5. Complete the authorization process by clicking on the “Accept” button.

6. Once the clouds are successfully added, go to the “Slack Migration” tab present on the left side of the panel.

7. Select Source (Slack) and destination (Microsoft) platforms.

8. Go to the Channels tab and select the channels you want to migrate.

a. You can select whether you want to migrate a Slack channel as a team or as a sub-channel in the team by clicking on the dropdown of a specific channel under the “Migrate As” tab.

b. You can change the channel name by clicking on the edit icon under the “Destination Channel Name” tab. You can also edit the “Destination Team Name” similarly as per your business needs.

Teams Migration

9. After all the necessary changes are done, select the channels you want to migrate and click on the “Start Migration” button.

10. A new window opens, which displays the status of your data migration.


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