Slack Data Migration to Teams as an Add-on to Chat Transfer

Almost all Slack to Microsoft Teams migration primarily focuses on messages migration, including group messages and DMs. However, data transfer is always a part of every migration as it is crucial for businesses to migrate message attachments to ensure complete replication of the Slack environment in Microsoft Teams.
Therefore, unifying the efforts of seamlessly migrating Slack Direct Messages and group messages with data migration is the way forward. Learn more about it in this insightful post.

What It Means for Businesses to Migrate Slack Data Along with Messages?

The more the number of users in Slack, the more the number of DMs and group messages, which, in turn, translates into a greater data size, in TBs or PBs. For businesses small and large, this means prioritizing specific needle movers that help set the migration project in motion. These key action items include:

  • Preparing the Scope of Work (SOW) to include data along with messages migration
  • Planning the migration timeline as per the time estimates of moving data along with messages
  • Having a strategy to migrate incremental changes entirely or selectively

What Slack Data to Migrate to Microsoft Teams?

Your company’s efforts to move all Slack data to Microsoft Teams must include all types of internally shared attachments, such as:

  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Archive files
  • It is equally important to migrate externally shared attachments from Slack Connect to each relevant team in Microsoft Teams.

    With CloudFuze as the Slack to Teams migration partner, it becomes an effortless process for businesses of all sizes to transfer internal as well as external messages and their attachments from Slack and Slack Connect.

    Performing the Migration in Phases for a High-Volume Data Transfer
    A high volume of DMs and group messages, in combination with TBs/PBs of data size, increases the workload. And larger workloads raise the risk of API throttling. To overcome this challenge, businesses must follow protocols to ensure they do not overuse API calls in short spans so as to keep the API throttling risk at bay.

    At CloudFuze, our migration team implements proven methodologies to overcome API throttling challenges by performing the migration in a phased manner. This is possible with two approaches:

  • Segregating the users, messages, and data in several batches and migrating them alternatively.
  • Using industry-leading tool features, such as API call management, to avoid API call over usages.

Strategize and Deploy Your Slack to Teams Migration With the Industry Leader

Our industry-leading Slack to Microsoft Teams migration capabilities have created success stories for many prestigious organizations, such as Stryker and Litera. Contact our migration team to learn how your company can benefit from our tool capabilities.

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