Perform A POC Before Migrating Dropbox to Google Workspace

Once your company has planned to migrate Dropbox to Google Workspace, your IT team must decide on finalizing the right migration tool. To achieve this, you must review the data migration tool’s capabilities by conducting a detailed POC (Proof Of Concept).

In this post, we will guide you through the various factors in creating a customized POC checklist for your migration project.

Mapping User Account Data With Granular Control

Not every migration scenario requires organizations to move all the user account data. Therefore, during a Dropbox to Google Workspace POC migration, you must assess the migration tool’s ability to select specific user accounts and configure only the required migration paths. This granular approach in selecting user data and configuring paths helps eliminate complexities and reduce migration timelines.

Migrating File Features

Your POC checklist must include verifying the migration tool’s capability to transfer various file features. It includes transferring version history, timestamps, comments, links, permissions, etc.

Rather than learning about this functionality in a product demo, your IT team can have it work for your organization’s specific migration needs through a POC for Dropbox to Google Workspace migration.

Transferring Dropbox Paper

Transferring files like Dropbox Paper to Google Workspace can be a challenge for your internal migration team due to file format inconsistencies. Your team must verify whether the shortlisted migration tool can automatically convert .paper files into .docx format to make them compatible with the Google environment.

You can refer to how CloudFuze – a trustworthy Google Partner, helped Front move a large number of Dropbox Paper files to Google Workspace here: Front case study.

Overcoming Google Drive Limitations

Before initiating the Dropbox to Google Workspace migration, your company must be aware of the migration limitations in Google Cloud. Some of them are:

Entity Limit
Daily data transfer limit 750 GB
File size upload limit 5 TB
Maximum allowed sub-folders in a single Team Drive 20
Maximum number of files and folders a Team Drive can contain 400,000

In your Dropbox to Google Workspace POC checklist, verify whether the migration tool can overcome these Google limitations.

Migrating to Google Shared Drive

Your company’s migration scenario might require you to move data from Dropbox to Google Drive or to Google Shared Drive. Based on your business requirement, you need to finalize the target. For example, if you want to copy files to a Google environment owned by an entire team rather than an individual, you must transfer files to Google Shared Drive.

Therefore, your POC checklist must also assess the migration tool’s ability to migrate Dropbox data to both – Google Drive and Google Shared Drive.

Batch Processing

While transferring a large number of files, there is a high risk of data loss or migration failure. To address this issue, your data migration tool must be able to process the files in batches (phased migration). This approach helps reduce the server load, lowers the risk of API throttling errors, and makes validating the migration easier.

Hence it is crucial to verify batch processing as an essential part of your POC during Dropbox to Google Workspace migration.

Delta Migration

When your business users continue to work with the source cloud data during migration, new records can either be added or existing files can be modified. To reflect these latest changes, your chosen tool must be able to execute a delta migration.

Assess this functionality during your organization’s Dropbox to Google Workspace POC to ensure a complete data transfer.

Email Migration

Your POC must also include verifying whether the migration tool is capable of handling beyond Dropbox to Google Workspace migration. For example, find out whether it can transfer your emails from an existing cloud platform to Gmail.

Delve deep to know the email migration tool’s capability to transfer email attributes like attachments, calendars, distribution lists, etc.

Links Migration

For end-to-end data migration, your IT team must proactively gauge the tool’s ability to transfer links accurately. Unfortunately, links pointing to the source cloud no longer work in the destination cloud and cause broken link issues.

To overcome this, your team must include links migration evaluation during a POC for Dropbox to Google Workspace migration.

Migration Reports

Businesses can evaluate the outcomes of a migration project and compare them with ideal results through migration reports. This makes it a vital addition to your POC checklist to know whether the migration tool generates clear and detailed reports.

With the help of this elaborate POC checklist, your internal IT team can assess the functionalities of a data migration tool and understand how it can overcome migration challenges.

CloudFuze is a leading cloud data migration service provider that offers a customized POC for each migration plan of an organization. It also meets the above-discussed POC criteria that make a Dropbox to Google Workspace (and other cloud combinations like Egnyte to SharePoint, Box to OneDrive, Slack to Teams, etc.) successful.

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