Front’s Successful Google Workspace Consolidation With CloudFuze

Front aimed to streamline its operations by consolidating under Google Workspace. The migration project involved transferring a significant amount of user accounts and data from Dropbox. Front partnered with CloudFuze to perform a smooth transition to Google Drive and Google Shared Drives while preserving Dropbox Paper files.

Front’s Google Workspace Consolidation With CloudFuze

Customer Overview

Front is a technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California. With a global presence, they offer innovative communication and collaboration software to various industries. The company employs 400+ individuals.

Migration Challenges

Migration Challenges

Front’s migration challenges involved migrating a large volume of users and data, migrating a lot of Dropbox Paper files to supported formats in Google Workspace, segregating Dropbox Paper migration, and migrating Dropbox Team folders and Dropbox Paper Company folders.

CloudFuze’s Role

CloudFuze helped Front migrate all users and data with complete accuracy. With CloudFuze, segregating Dropbox Paper migration with the standard user/data migration was effortless. Also, the use of highly secure servers ensured uncompromised migration security.

CloudFuze's Role

Migration Results

Front’s migration project with CloudFuze’s was a complete success in every aspect.

  • Precise migration of Dropbox team folders to Google Shared Drives.
  • Accurate conversion of Dropbox Paper files into formats supported by Google Workspace.
  • Successful migration of all Dropbox Paper company folders.