Performing a Migration From Slack to Teams and Beyond

Migration From Slack to Teams

If your company plans to migrate from Slack to Teams and from the current cloud storage to OneDrive and SharePoint Online to embrace the Microsoft 365 cloud suite, follow the best practices this post highlights.

Choose a One-Stop Migration Solution

When you have decided to switch to Microsoft Teams from Slack, the first prerequisite would be to sign up for a Microsoft 365 account. With it, you get access to Teams and other productivity and cloud storage tools like OneDrive, SharePoint, Excel, Word, etc.

So why restrict to only migrating from Slack chats to Microsoft Teams?

You can also migrate your other enterprise data from current cloud storage services like Box, DropBox, Citrix, Google Drive, Egnyte, etc., to OneDrive or SharePoint, which are part of Microsoft 365. (Refer to these step-by-step migration guides for Google Drive to OneDrive and Box to SharePoint).

CloudFuze is a one-stop migration solution that helps avoid the hassle of choosing from various migration tools and coordinating with multiple vendors. With CloudFuze, you can execute both projects (migration from Slack to Teams and other cloud data to SharePoint/OneDrive) individually under the same platform.

Request Separate Price Quotes for Both Migration Projects

Based on the scope of work for migration from Slack to Teams and data from your existing cloud storage to SharePoint/OneDrive, CloudFuze offers separate price quotes for each migration project. It helps you to plan both migration processes and to get them quickly approved by your organization’s finance team.

Shorter migration time

When you plan to move Slack files to Microsoft Teams alone, you need additional time and effort to be spent separately for other data to be transferred to Microsoft 365. But, when you choose CloudFuze, we help perform both migrations parallelly in a quicker time. It also avoids dependencies and conflicts between the two data migrations that might occur using two different tools.

Have a Dedicated Migration Team Work on Each Project

We at CloudFuze, assign a dedicated migration team who provides end-to-end support in all migration phases. Not just for migrating Slack channels and Slack direct messages to Teams but also for moving data from your cloud storage to SharePoint/OneDrive in Microsoft 365.

Ensure Proper Validation of Both Migration Projects Upon Completion

Our migration team thoroughly validates the migration attributes for both projects. It includes validating pre-migration assessments, user mappings, file and folder permissions, version history, preserving shared links, post-migration checklists, etc.

Archive or Decommission Both Source Platforms Post-migration

Once we complete the Teams migration and cloud data to SharePoint/OneDrive, you can archive or decommission both the source platforms (Slack and existing cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

By this step, you can avoid paying the license cost for the decommissioned platforms that your company would no longer use or pay a minimal charge if you choose to archive the data.

CloudFuze assists overall data migration to Microsoft 365 – not just migrating chats from Slack to Microsoft Teams. Our data migration experts follow the best practices, the right strategies, and a migration plan during the process.

Access the complete migration guide – a step–by–step process for IT admins for migration from Slack to Teams here.

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