How to Migrate Business Data from Box to Dropbox

If you are a Dropbox Business user and planning to migrate your company’s data to a Dropbox business account, continue reading the rest of the article. We demoed how Box to Dropbox business migration can be speeden up and automated using the CloudFuze platform. All you need to get started is the admin account login details of Box and Dropbox accounts.

Step 1: Log in or Create a CloudFuze Account

Go to and create an account. If you already have an account, enter your login details to access the CloudFuze dashboard.

Alternatively, you can reach out to our migration team for a live demo, custom trial, or price quote. 

Step 2:  Add  Box Account to CloudFuze

Click on the Box logo in the business clouds list and add it CloudFuze.

Step 3: Enter Box Admin Login Credentials 

Enter the admin login credentials of your Box account. Once entered, click on the Authorize button.


Step 4: Authorize Box Details 

The next step is granting your Box account access to CloudFuze. CloudFuze requires this access to map users and data in the Box account and then migrate it to Dropbox.

Step 5: Now, Add Dropbox Account

Click on the Dropbox logo in the business clouds list. A popup will then open where you need to enter its login details.

Step 6: Enter Dropbox Admin Login Details

Enter your company’s Dropbox’s admin login details in the popup window. Please keep in mind you need to enter the admin login details to facilitate migration.

Step 7: Verify Whether Clouds Are Added

Click on the Clouds icon and go to the Manage Clouds tab. Both Box and Dropbox accounts should be added there.

Step 8:  Start the Migration

Click on the Team Migration and complete a few final steps to start the migration.

Step 9: Choose Source and Destination Accounts

Since you are migrating data from Box to Dropbox, select Box account as a source and Dropbox account as a destination.

Step 10: Map the Users

CloudFuze has a built-in auto-mapping capability that matches all the users in cloud and destination accounts.

Step 11: CSV Mapping 

In addition to auto-mapping, CloudFuze supports CSV manual mapping for custom or complex migration needs.

Step 12: Choose Users for Migration

Select all the users in the Box account that you want to migrate to Dropbox account.

Step 13: Permission Mapping  

CloudFuze allows IT admins to configure permissions for each user. If you wish them to default, click on the Next button.

Step 14: Migration Options

Create a name for your migration job or leave it to default. Renaming default migration helps in managing multiple migrations. You can add additional email addresses for notifications. Rest of all can be left default unless you have a specific need. 

Step 15: Preview Your Migration Options

Check everything one final and time and click on the Start Migration button.

Step 16:  File Transfer in Progress

The file migration has been started. During this time, you can pause the migration temporarily or can cancel it altogether.

Step 17:  Migration Has Been Completed

When all the files are transferred, the status will be changed to Processed. 

Contact our migration team today for a live demo or a quote.