Box to Dropbox Migration

CloudFuze includes intuitive transfer tools so you can transfer files across cloud accounts with enhanced security features.Over 40 popular cloud service providers, including Box and Dropbox, are compatible with the CloudFuze platform. Whether you need to move, copy, or transfer documents between clouds, CloudFuze provides a quick and capable file transfer system.

In the following 3 step guide, learn how to move files from Box to Dropbox.

Choose and Transfer in No Time


Step 1:

Click the ‘Migrate’ button located on the left-hand toolbar of your CloudFuze dashboard. This will take you to the file transfer page where all of your integrated cloud accounts should appear.

Step 2:

Under ‘Source Cloud,’ click the Box icon to access the files you want to move. CloudFuze will show you all of your Box files. Check each item corresponding with the folders, files, or photos you want to transfer. If you enter a folder and need to go back for additional selections, click the black arrow located above your opened list of files.
Then, under ‘Destination Cloud’ on the right-hand side of the dashboard, click on your Dropbox account. Select one folder in Dropbox where you would like to place the transferred files.


Step 3:

Once you make your selections, click, ‘Migrate.’ A new window will pop up asking you who to notify by email when the file transfer from Box to Dropbox is complete, as well as an option to delete the source files. Make your selections and click, ‘Confirm Migration.’

You’re finished!




Check Transfer Status

After you click to confirm, CloudFuze will take you to the ‘Migration Reports’ page where you can check on the status of you file migration or wait for the confirmation email.

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