How to Transfer Files from Box to Dropbox

CloudFuze supports Box to Dropbox migration for personal/consumer users who have large sets of files to transfer. In order to move files from Box to Dropbox, all you need is a CloudFuze account and the login credentials of Box and Dropbox. Continue reading the rest of this article to understand and learn how CloudFuze can be leveraged to transfer files from Box to Dropbox.

Step 1: Create a CloudFuze Account

Go to and create an account using your email, Gmail, or Office 365 account. If you already have an account, log in to your CloudFuze account. Please note that you need to subscribe to a plan to migrate files. CloudFuze does provide a free trial for anyone who wishes to test the service before purchasing.

Step 2: Add Box Account to CloudFuze

To initiate migration, you need to add and authorize your Box account to CloudFuze. Click on the Box logo listed in the personal clouds list.

Step 3: Grant Access to Box

Upon clicking on the Box logo, a popup appears requesting you to log in and authorize. Enter your Box login credentials to complete the cloud adding procedure.

Step 4: Now, Add Dropbox Account

Since we already added and authorized Box account, it’s now time to do the same with Dropbox account. Click on the Dropbox logo and enter your Dropbox login details.

Step 5: Authorize Your Dropbox Account

Click on the Allow button to provide CloudFuze needed access to move your files.

Step 6: Verify Cloud Addition Process

Click on the Clouds icon in the menu on the left. Once clicked, go to the Manage Clouds tab. You should now be able to see both Box and Dropbox accounts being added there.

Step 7: Start the Migration

Click on the Migrate button. You then need to configure a few things before starting the migration.

Step 8: Select Source and Destination Clouds

Select Box as a source account and Dropbox as the destination.

Step 9: Select Content that You Want to Migrate

Select files that you want to migrate and click on the Migrate button.

Step 10: Preview and Confirm Migration

Preview your migration snapshot and click on the Confirm Migration once everything looks good.

Step 11: Migration Is in Progress

During the file transfer process, CloudFuze displays the status as In Progress. At this moment, you can cancel the migration if you wish to.

Step 12:  Migration Has Been Completed

When the status becomes Processed, it means the migration has been completed. You can download the migration report by clicking on the download icon.

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