Move All Files From Dropbox to Google Drive With 100% Replication

Dropbox to Google Drive migration

If your company is planning to move all files from Dropbox to Google Drive for cost savings, a merger or an acquisition, or other reasons, it is essential to ensure 100% replication of the source cloud data in the destination cloud. CloudFuze is a leading migration service provider which helps to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive effectively. Replicating the source cloud data in the destination helps businesses to maintain the collaboration between end users and their teams, ultimately improving productivity.

1. Migrating Root and Inner Sharing Permissions

A perfect move for businesses to replicate Dropbox data structure in Google Drive is to transfer the sharing permissions of root and inner files and folders. Businesses must depend on the best migration tool, such as CloudFuze, to transfer the sharing permissions of all root and internal folders and files.

CloudFuze ensures complete root and inner permissions replication to help end users seamlessly transition to Google Drive.

2. Migrate Embedded Links of All Files

Employees generally share the files with other team members to collaborate more effectively, so shared files may contain embedded links that allow collaborators to access files quickly. Choosing CloudFuze’s migration tool can help you migrate embedded links. CloudFuze supports embedded links transfers from Dropbox to Google Drive for any file, as mentioned below:

  • .docx
  • .doc
  • .pptx
  • .ppt
  • .x lsx
  • .xls

Additionally, the CloudFuze migration tool can generate a report with the number of links migrated after successfully switching from Dropbox to Google Drive.

3. Migrate Dropbox Paper Files in Relevant Formats

Migrating Dropbox Paper to Google Drive is quite challenging for any business, but with CloudFuze, it is possible to transfer files. CloudFuze will migrate Dropbox Paper files in .docx format.

CloudFuze is the leading tool that helps to move Dropbox Paper to Google Drive.

Dropbox File Format Google Drive File Format (After Migration)
.paper .docx

4. Migrate All Dropbox File Versions and Timestamps to Google Drive

Businesses want to track the old records even after any data migration, so it becomes crucial to migrate Versions and Timestamps. CloudFuze helps in migrating the entire versions or specific versions and the latest modified timestamps as per business requirements, which helps in saving time and cost. Other key features, such as Inner file permissions, in-line comments, shared links, and external links, are all migrated along with the data.

5. Transfer All Incremental Changes

The crucial part of replicating the Dropbox data in Google Drive is migrating the incremental changes to keep the updated file with all new changes. Users who save files in their Dropbox will continue their regular work activity.

Consequently, businesses must perform delta migration to transfer all incremental changes from Dropbox to Google Drive. CloudFuze’s delta migration functionality helps businesses migrate all the incremental changes from Dropbox to Google Drive.

Replicate Your Dropbox Data in Google Drive Online

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