Migrate from Box to Microsoft 365 for Total Consolidation

Businesses planning to migrate from Box to Microsoft 365 to fully consolidate into the cloud suite must have a strategic plan to move data from all the source cloud platforms. And this guide can be a vantage point for gaining clarity on all the areas that your team must streamline.

Explore the best practices we have listed below to ensure your journey from Box to Microsoft 365 is secure and smooth:

Preserve Root and Inner Level Permissions During Content Migration

When migrating folders and files from Box to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, make sure to preserve not just the root folder and file permissions but also the inner level sharing permissions of sub-folders and inner files.

With this approach, your team can ensure that the end-users do not have any restrictions when accessing their folders and files in OneDrive and SharePoint Online post-migration.

Apart from preserving root and inner sharing permissions of internal users, our migration tool also retains permissions with external collaborators.

Migrate Box Notes Files in Formats that OneDrive and SharePoint Online Supports

A crucial aspect of migrating data from Box to OneDrive and SharePoint Online is Box Notes. Since Box Notes file type is exclusive to Box storage, it is crucial that your team migrates them in formats that Microsoft supports across all the apps in the Microsoft 365 cloud suite.

With our migration tool X-Change, your team can migrate Box Notes in the .docx format supported in Microsoft 365. You can migrate while ensuring the links do not break in the destination.

Transfer Public and Private Channels When Migrating Chats to Microsoft Teams

There is a common notion that it’s best to migrate only the public channels/groups from chat apps like Slack when migrating to Teams as they are openly accessible. However, since groups and messages in private channels are equally important, make sure to migrate them.

Our Microsoft Teams migration solution helps your team migrate both public and private channels/groups to Teams while retaining all the memberships. This way, you migrate group messages along with direct messages.

Migrate Calendar Events Along with Mailboxes When Switching to Outlook

When migrating emails to Outlook as part of consolidating into Microsoft 365, make sure to transfer calendar events along with mailboxes. With this approach, the end-users will have access to the existing event schedules post-migration.

Our email migration solutions can help your company migrate all intricate parts of your source email platform to Outlook accurately.

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As a strategic Microsoft 365 partner, we have been enabling world-renowned businesses like Warner Bros. Discovery to consolidate fully into the Microsoft 365 cloud suite. Your team too can leverage our industry leading expertise to achieve your company’s goals to migrate from Box and other source clouds to Microsoft 365 for total consolidation. Connect with our team today!

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