Why Choose CloudFuze for Cloud Consolidation via Migration?

Consolidating into a single cloud office suite, such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, is a multifaceted goal that necessitates careful planning. Equally important is to use the right solutions and methodologies to avoid going wrong in any area and ensure a high level of security.

With 10+ years of experience in enabling small, medium and large-sized companies to consolidate their cloud operations, we at CloudFuze, have the expertise to plan and perform cloud office migrations for cloud consolidations of any scale. With our insights-driven methodologies, we have helped renowned companies such as Front App and Intuit consolidate through strategic migrations.

If you are planning your company’s cloud data migration for full target cloud storage consolidation, consider exploring some of the high-level reasons why we can be the right partner for you.

End-to-End Migration Solutions for Complete Consolidation

We provide businesses with a one-stop solution to migrate all entities and all types of data from their source clouds to the destination cloud. Whether your company is planning to migrate only the storage drives or other applications and their data with them, we have got you covered with our full suite of solutions, including:

  • Content migration – for migrating user accounts and their files and folders
  • Collaboration migration – for migrating chat messages across apps like Slack, Teams, and Google Chat
  • Email migration – for migrating emails, including mailboxes, sent items, inbox, junk folders, spam folders, email attachments, calendars and events
  • Link fixing – for correcting file and folder links when migrating them
  • Tenant to tenant migration – for merging one cloud suite tenant with another
  • Whiteboard migration – for migrating digital/online whiteboards, such as Lucid, Mural, and Miro

You can learn more about our solutions in the Products section of our website.

Managed Migration for Consolidation Support

With our managed migration service, your IT team can eliminate the heavy lifting that goes into making a migration (with consolidation use case) successful. A dedicated migration manager along with a team will handhold you right from the pre-migration analysis stage till the post-migration integration process.

By assisting in CSV mapping, user batching, migration validation, and in other critical areas, our team ensures that you do not miss out on any area. With a properly planned SOW (scope of work), our managed migration team can help you migrate each drive and third-party apps integrated with them with proper segregation. Here is an overall structure of such an approach:

  • Migration of individual-level data into personal folders in the target cloud
  • Migration of shared data into specific libraries of the target cloud suite’s shared drive
  • Preservation of permissions and access controls with external users to retain the collaboration structure

Start Migrating Today

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