Move From Box to OneDrive With CloudFuze’s Managed Migration

Migrating from Box to OneDrive in a managed way


Businesses planning to move from Box to OneDrive must prioritize many tasks such as pre-migration analysis, data and user list preparation, migration environment preparation, and many more. And getting all these tasks right without professional assistance can be hit-or-miss.

A managed migration service helps companies of all sizes avoid going wrong in all the crucial focus areas. The complete handholding helps streamline the entire migration project and ensures a timely and successful migration completion.

Here are all the white glove services that businesses get with CloudFuze’s managed migration offering:

1. Pre-Migration Analysis

A thorough pre-migration assessment helps businesses get clarity on the scope of work. CloudFuze helps businesses approach pre-migration analysis in a granular way to analyze every curial aspect of the source cloud (Box).

The granular approach helps businesses be particular on what to migrate and what to skip. This, in turn, helps in optimizing the pricing agreement to be the best fit.

2. Creation and Validation of the Users List

Companies that have thousands of users to migrate can find it challenging to sort through them and prepare an extensive user list for CSV mapping. Apart from investing time, companies also risk human errors when getting this task done with their internal resources.

With CloudFuze’s managed migration service, customers do not have to go through this hassle. Our managed migration team prepares a user list and sends it to the customers for validation.

3. Preparing CSV User Mapping

Preparing CSV mapping, especially custom CSV mapping, requires a significant amount of time and a high level of accuracy. Even a minor syntax error can cause a particular user mapping to go into conflict during the migration.

Companies planning to migrate from Box to SharePoint Online and OneDrive can take our managed migration team’s help to ensure zero errors in mapping users from Box to OneDrive in a CSV sheet.

4. Preparing the Destination Cloud

The entire process of initiating the migration can move forward only if the destination cloud is prepared correctly. Tasks such as purchasing the right Microsoft 365 plans, creating new OneDrive user accounts, and pre-provisioning the new accounts are needle movers.

All the destination cloud preparation tasks are taken care of in our fully managed migration service. Our Microsoft 365 certified managed migration experts ensure companies do not go wrong in any area when preparing OneDrive and SharePoint.

5. Preparing the Migration Infrastructure

The infrastructure can make or break any migration. Therefore, businesses need to configure a proper infrastructure when planning to migrate to OneDrive for Box, or from any source to destination cloud.

The process of configuring the migration infrastructure is dynamic and meticulous for every migration project with CloudFuze. Our managed migration team chooses the best server configurations for every migration project.

6. Sanity Testing of the Migration Environment

One of the most crucial aspects of preparing the migration environment is to perform a proper sanity test of the servers. This step is vital to ensuring uncompromised migration safety for businesses of all sizes.

Sanity testing is a critical part of our managed migration team’s migration infrastructure setup.

7. Assistance for On-prem Deployment

Companies that prefer to migrate Box to OneDrive in an on-prem migration environment must deploy the migration tool in a properly configured local infrastructure. And the deployment process can be a hassle as many technical complexities are involved.

Our managed migration team offers extensive support to help businesses deploy CloudFuze X-Change migration platform in a local environment.

8. Regular Updates Through Migration Reports

Regular migration reports offer the best way for businesses to keep track of migration progress and ensure that the entire project is on track. CloudFuze offers highly detailed data migration reports that help businesses get a 360° view of the entire migration.

Apart from automated sharing of migration reports, businesses also get the benefit of manual updates on the migration progress from our managed migration team.

9. One-time and Delta Migration Validation

It is only through proper validation that it becomes possible for businesses to gauge the success of the one-time and delta migration. And the best way to validate is by checking the migration reports. Companies and their IT teams can get granular on every migration report to check the accuracy of the migration.

Our managed migration team offers extra support for businesses to help them validate the one-time and delta migration.

10. Post-Migration Support

Businesses need professional support and expert guidance even after the migration is completed. And as part of offering end-to-end support, our managed migration team provides companies and their IT teams with meticulous support during the post-migration phase.

Contact our managed migration team to learn more about how your company can benefit from CloudFuze’s managed migration service for Box to OneDrive transfer and other migration combinations.

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