Import Slack to Google Chat via CloudFuze’s Google Trusted Tool

Google has now made it possible to import channels and messages from messaging platforms, such as Slack, to Google Chat via the Google Chat API. And at CloudFuze, we have partnered with the Google Workspace team and collaborated with them to launch our Slack to Google Chat migration path.

A Glance of Our Google Chat Migration Tool (Developed in Collaboration with Google Workspace)

We officially released our Slack to Google Chat migration tool in August 2023 and helped Vendasta import their Slack channels, messages, and users to Google Chat. Our intricately designed tool has created migration success stories from the get-go; courtesy of the collaboration from the Google Workspace team.We showcased our Google Chat migration tool at the 2023 Google Cloud Next event.

Jason Coutu, IT Czar of Vendasta, shared the leverage they got from our tool in their journey of moving away from Slack along with their historical data and embracing Google Chat. Watch his take on our tool from this video (an excerpt from the 2023 Google Cloud Next lightning talk with our Sales and Strategic Partnerships Head, Anthony Raymond):

Core Business Benefits of Using our Slack to Google Chat Migration Tool

With our Slack to Google Chat migration tool, you can migrate your Slack environment’s entire data while preserving the historical timestamps and metadata to avoid user impact.

Slack Channels Migration

Our tool makes it effortless for your team to migrate public as well as private Slack channels to Google Chat spaces. Regardless of the number and sizes of Slack channels your company has, we can migrate them seamlessly while ensuring a high level of security.

Slack Messages Migration

You can leverage our tool to import group messages as well as direct messages from Slack to Google Chat. Regardless of the volume of the messages, our tool ensures smooth migration without any downtime.

Memberships Preservation

Preserve memberships when importing public and private Slack channel data to Google Chat. By retaining all the memberships, we ensure that your company’s end users do not lose the access levels that are critical to everyday collaboration and communication.

Metadata Preservation

With our tool, ensure accurate preservation of timestamps, message threads, user mentions, attachments, pinned messages, emojis, and more when importing messages from Slack to Google Chat.

See Our Google Chat Migration Tool in Action!

Connect with our team and request for a free and no-obligation demo or a POC of our tool and learn how it can help your company import all data from Slack to Google Chat.

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