Intelligent platform for multi cloud content integration & exchange

CloudFuze revolutionizes the way an individual or a business user share, manage, and collaborate with their personal or enterprise data. The platform not only offers an easy way to manage multiple clouds but also ensures high level of security to data with strong encrypt algorithm and state-of-the-art security features.

Cloud-Native Architecture

The CloudFuze platform is built on Cloud-native technology. CloudFuze may look like a single application, but it’s a collection of a number of services. Every CloudFuze service is elastic, which means it can be controlled, managed, and scaled up or down independently. The cloud-native design drastically reduces the failure domain and can survive even critical infrastructure failures. All of this eventually results in a robust, secure, and reliable platform that ensures seamless cloud migrations and management every time.

Cloud-Native Architecture
API Platform

RESTful API Platform

All the functions in CloudFuze platform are API enabled. Every function is first enabled by API and then used by all client software. The CloudFuze platform is highly resilient and scalable. It provides an easier way to access to the end user, as they don’t need to install anything on their device or have frameworks installed. The RESTful platform is highly known for its speed and performance. Many leading technology companies in the world such as Google, Amazon, and eBay use the RESTful API platform

The platform specialties:

  • Stateless web architecture

  • Multi-tenant ready

  • Cloud or on-prem deployable

  • Virtualized with VM templates

  • Auto-scaling and load balancing

OAuth (Open Authentication) Protocol

CloudFuze uses OAuth protocol to authenticate users’ cloud accounts. The OAuth is an industry standard protocol that cloud storage services use to grant third-party services like CloudFuze a limited access to users’ cloud data and resources. CloudFuze can neither store your personal data nor can access it like how you do. Your data and passwords are completely safe.

Open Authentication Protocol

CloudFuze Developer Platform

CloudFuze provides cloud storage management capabilities to developers through its developer platform. Instantly add a robust suite of cloud file management features to your product.