Build Your Own Cloud Office Migration Business

CloudFuze is the world’s leading cloud storage migration platform build specifically to support MSP related capabilities. MSP’s can seize the opportunity to market the most demanded cloud technology for SMB and Enterprise customers.

Deploy in Your
Own Cloud.

CloudFuze can be deployed in almost all major cloud providers and in your own cloud with your control. CloudFuze hosted for service provider gives a greater flexibility to scale and manage cloud costs based on the usage.

  • Cloud-native architecture

  • Superior scalability

  • Gives you greater control

  • Fastest migration speed

Deploy in Your Own Cloud
MSP-Friendly Licensing

Licensing .

CloudFuze has a very simple licensing model for MSPs and CSPs based on their cloud migration needs. Volume discounts are applied and easy licensing allows partners to manage their costs and reduce risk when signing up new customers or preparing for large migrations.

  • Simple and flexible license model

  • Greater savings

  • Discounts on large-scale migrations

  • Quick provisioning and deployment

Priority and Dedicated

CloudFuze will assign a dedicated migration specialist along with priority support to partner’s team. This will ensure sufficient training is provided to partner to initiate migrations and 24X7 support is provided at the time of migrations.

  • Dedicated migration specialist

  • 24 x 7 priority support

  • Easy-to-understand knowledgebase

  • Detailed training program

Priority and Dedicated Support

Why Choose CloudFuze?