How to Migrate from Egnyte to Google Workspace (G Suite – Google Drive)

Migrating from Egnyte to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) can be a challenging task for IT admins. If you are an IT admin or manager exploring products to help your company move from Egnyte to Google Workspace, we are here to help. Continue reading this article to see how CloudFuze automatically transfers files from Egnyte to Google Drive. Check this resource if you would like to migrate from Egnyte to Google Shared Drives instead.

Migration Prerequisites:

  • A CloudFuze account (Enterprise trial account available on request)
  • Egnyte admin login credentials
  • Google Workspace admin login credentials
  • Step 1: Create a CloudFuze Account

Go to and create an account. If you already have a CloudFuze account, enter your login credentials to access the homepage. 

If you are an IT admin exploring Egnyte to G Suite migration tools, you can get in touch with our migration team for a consultation or demo.

Cloudfuze Login Page

  • Step 2: Add Your Company’s Egnyte Account to CloudFuze

CloudFuze needs both Egnyte and Google Workspace credentials to be added to migrate data. 

Add your Egnyte account to CloudFuze by clicking on the Egnyte logo seen under the list of business clouds.

Egnyte Account to CloudFuze

  • Step 3: Authorize Your Egnyte Account

The next step is authorizing your Egnyte account. Enter the domain name of your Egnyte account.

Authorize Egnyte Account

  • Step 4:  Enter Egnyte Credentials

Now, enter Egnyte’s admin login credentials. Please note that CloudFuze will neither save your credentials nor the data in your account. The platform uses OAuth protocol to map the data in your Egnyte account and migrate it to G Suite subsequently. Read more about CloudFuze’s security here.

Egnyte Credentials

  • Step 5:  Grant Access to CloudFuze

The final step is Egnyte cloud adding is clicking on the Allow Access button.

Access to CloudFuze

  • Step 6:  Now, Let’s Add Google Workspace

Locate the G Suite (Google Workspace) logo in the business clouds.

Add Google Workspace

  • Step 7: Enter Google Workspace Admin Login Credentials

Now, enter the admin login credentials of your company’s G Suite account. Please note that CloudFuze can’t be able to migrate data with user accounts.

Admin Login Credentials

  • Step 8: Provide Access 

Click on the Allow button and grant access to

Access  Gsuite

  • Step 9:  Verify Cloud Addition Process

Click on the Clouds logo that you can see on the left. Now, go to the Manage Clouds tab. You should be able to see both Egnyte and Google Workspace accounts being added there.

If you notice one or the two clouds missing in this section, it means the cloud addition process is not successful. You may have to retry the cloud-adding process.

Verify Cloud Addition

  • Step 10:  Click on Team Migration

Find the Team Migration icon in the menu on the left and click on it. Clicking on it will not start the migration right away. You will need to configure migration and choose a few options to initiate the actual file transfer process.

team migration

  • Step 11: Choose Source and Destination Cloud 

You need to select Egnyte as the source and Google Workspace as the destination accounts. Make the selection carefully to prevent Workspace data from being migrated to Egnyte.

Source and Destination Cloud 

  • Step 12: Map Users for Migration

CloudFuze has a built-in feature called Auto-map that pairs the users in Egnyte and Google Workspace based on their email aliases. 

CloudFuze also supports manual and CSV methods in case your company’s migration requirements are different. 

CloudFuze gives you the flexibility to add all users or a few users for migration. You can also remove the users that you don’t want to migrate.

Map Users for Migration

  • Step 13: Select Users for Migration

Choose the users you want to migrate and click on the Next button.

Select Users for Migration

  • Step 14:  Choose  Your Migration Preferences

CloudFuze gives a default name of migration. Besides, you can give your migration job a custom name. 

Leave the Job Type as one-time since you are migrating it for the first time. You can add the email addresses of your coworkers to get additional migration notifications.

Finally, choose whether to migrate Shared Links. Then, click on the Next button. 

Migration Preferences

  • Step 15:  Preview and Start Migration

Preview all your selections and click on the Start Migration button. This will start the file transfer process.

Preview and Start Migration

  • Step 16:  Check Migration Status

Head to the Reports section and check the migration job for the status. The message ‘In-Progress’ indicates that the file migration process is underway. At this moment, you can pause and resume your migration. You can cancel it altogether if you want. 

Please note that pausing or cancelling migration will not affect the existing data in your Egnyte account.

Check Migration Status

  • Step 17: Migration Has Been Completed

The status of migration will be shown as completed once all the selected data from Egnyte is migrated to Google Drive.

Migration completed

We hope you found this article helpful. For any questions related to Egnyte to G Suite migration, reach out to our migration team