Dropbox Migration Tool

Dropbox is one of the most used cloud storage service. Dropbox not only has huge number of free users, there are many paid users as well.

Many prefer Dropbox because of its easy to use functionality and it comes as the default app for many android devices.

Dropbox’s easy to use and simple functionality has made many to stick to Dropbox without even thinking of any other services.

Dropbox Migration :

With many cloud services being over priced for large data storage, Dropbox offers competitive pricing plans ranging from $8.25 per 1TB. Many of the other cloud storage users prefer to migrate their cloud data to Dropbox.

Most of the new users of Dropbox need to move files from their local storage or from other providers to Dropbox. CloudFuze is the best solution to move files from any other provider to Dropbox, with it’s simple drag and drop capabilities. CloudFuze enables you to move files between cloud providers, as if they are local.  Users can move files from other providers to Dropbox, while maintaining the same root folder structure.

CloudFuze solution is highly used to migrate files from other cloud storage service to Dropbox. Using CloudFuze,users can simply sync their cloud accounts to CloudFuze and migrate all of their cloud files in 3 simple steps.

Below you can see individual guides to move files from other providers to Dropbox.

OneDrive to Dropbox Migration

Using CloudFuze you can migrate data to Dropbox from 40 different cloud storage services.

Using CloudFuze, you can also migrate data from Dropbox to other providers. CloudFuze also supports migration from Dropbox to these 40 different cloud storage services.

Check the dropbox to google drive migration article to transfer the files

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