How to Transfer Files from Dropbox to Google Drive

Do you have a lot of files in your Dropbox account that you wish to transfer to Google Drive? Manually transferring files from Dropbox to Google Drive can consume time and exhaust your 4G or broadband bandwidth. We prepared a step-by-step guide for users like you who need to migrate data from Dropbox to Google Drive.

Please note that this article discusses consumer Dropbox to Google Drive migration. If you are a business user, read our Dropbox Business to Google Workspace (G Suite / Shared Drives) migration article.

What is CloudFuze? 
Before you continue reading the rest of the article, it is essential to know a little bit about CloudFuze and how it helps you move files from Dropbox to Google Drive.

CloudFuze is a cloud file transfer tool that allows users to migrate data between 40+ leading cloud storage services including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Box.

Why Use CloudFuze to Transfer Your Files from Dropbox to Google Drive? 
As you may know, anyone can migrate from Dropbox to Google for free. It is no secret because an individual or an enterprise can download everything from one cloud and then upload it to their new cloud. However, the procedure is a primitive approach to cloud transfer. Not only does it consume a lot of bandwidth and time but poses a serious risk to sensitive data.

CloudFuze, on the other hand, lets you migrate to Google Drive from Dropbox without needing to download data to a physical drive, offering you total peace of mind.

How to Transfer Files from Dropbox to Google Drive with CloudFuze? 
Firstly, you need to create a CloudFuze account to access CloudFuze’s cloud file transfer web app. You may choose one of CloudFuze’s competitive price plans to get started. Alternatively, you may sign up for the free trial to test the service. If you are planning to move your enterprise data from Dropbox to Google Drive, we recommend that you get in touch with us for a smooth and hassle-free data migration.

Now, let’s check how to move files from Dropbox to Google Drive.

Pre-Requisites to Move Dropbox to Google Drive

  • Login credentials for Dropbox and Google Drive accounts (Source and destination)
  • A CloudFuze account
  1. Create a CloudFuze Account

    Go to and create an account. You need an account to copy Dropbox to Google Drive. In order to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive, a CloudFuze account is needed. CloudFuze is free to try. One can migrate Dropbox to Google Drive for up to 10 files a day for the duration of 30 days during the trial period. Learn more about our pricing.

    Dropbox to Google Drive migration login

  2. Add and Authorize Dropbox and Google Drive Accounts

    Since it is personal data migration from Dropbox to Google Drive, click on the Dropbox icon listed under the personal clouds list. Don’t click the Dropbox logo listed in business clouds since you use a personal Dropbox account and not a business one.

    Add Dropbox account

  3. Add the Source Dropbox Account

    To add a Dropbox account,

    • Click on the Dropbox icon under the personal cloud list
    • Enter the email ID associated with the Dropbox account
    • Enter the password
    • Now, a popup appears. Click on “Accept” and grant permission to CloudFuze

    Your destination cloud will be added.

    Authorize Dropbox account

  4. Add the Destination Cloud, Google Drive

    The procedure for adding destination/target Google Drive account is the same as mentioned above

    Add Google Drive account

  5. Verify Whether Clouds Added Successfully

    Click on the “Clouds” logo on the left navigation menu. Both Dropbox and Google Drive accounts can be seen here if the clouds are successfully added.

    If the clouds are missing, then it is safe to assume that there was a problem adding them. In that case, the cloud adding must be done again.

    Cloud verification

  6. Start the Migration

    Click on the “Migrate” button on the left navigation menu and you will be redirected to the migration page shown in the above screenshot. Select Dropbox as the source and Google Drive as the destination.

    Source and destination accounts need to be selected accurately. If you choose the clouds wrongly, Google Drive’s data will be migrated to Dropbox.

    Start the migration

  7. Select Files and Folders to Be Migrated

    Upon clicking “Migrate”, a page appears displaying all the files and folders in the source and destination accounts.

    You can migrate a single file/folder, multiple files/folders, or even entire root data. Just select what you need to migrate and click on the “Migrate” button.

    Select content to be migrated

  8. Migration Is in Process

    All the steps are completed, and migration has been started.

    Your Dropbox to Google Drive migration may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending upon the size of the data. Factors such as throttling and Google file transfer

    Dropbox to Google Drive migration process

  9. Migration Is Completed

    The status of the migration has been changed to “Processed”. It means the migration has been completed and the data has been transferred successfully.

    Dropbox to Google Drive file transfer completed

Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is CloudFuze Free?
    CloudFuze is free to test. Free users can migrate up to 2 GB or 50 files during the one-month trial period.
  2. How much does it cost to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive using CloudFuze?
    Our consumer plans begin from $9.99/month. Visit our pricing page to subscribe to a plan that suits your migration needs.
  3. My migration need is one-time. Can I cancel my subscription after data is migrated?
    Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your account.
  4. I need to migrate our business data from Dropbox to G Suite / Google Workspace. What should I do?
    Contact our migration team for a quote.
  5. Is CloudFuze safe?
    CloudFuze is very safe and secure. Read more about our security.

We hope you liked the tutorial. Create your account today to transfer your files between Dropbox and Google Drive. 

Last updated on: May 11, 2021

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