How to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive?

Dropbox is the one of the major cloud service provider offering variety of cloud storage options, Google drive on the Other side is also a major service provider. The major difference between dropbox and Google Drive is diversified features. Dropbox offers easy storage and powerful sync options where as Google offers easy integration with G Suite. It always depends on the user which cloud service to prefer but if a user is already using one service and required to transfer the data to another cloud service they required to transfer files between dropbox and Google drive.

CloudFuze enhances your file transfer experience through one highly compatible, user-friendly platform. If you store files on two or more cloud accounts, like Dropbox or Google Drive, and want to migrate your files to and from your separate cloud storage services, CloudFuze provides you with the right tools for a swift transfer.

Below, learn how to move files from Dropbox to Google Drive in 3 simple steps.

Ready, Set, Transfer!


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Step 1:

Click the ‘Migrate’ button located on the left-hand toolbar of your CloudFuze dashboard. This will take you to the file transfer page where all of your integrated cloud accounts should appear.

Step 2:

Under ‘Source Cloud,’ click the Dropbox account containing the files you want to move. Once you click the icon, CloudFuze will show you all of your Dropbox files. Check each box corresponding with the folders, files, or photos you want to transfer. If you enter a folder and need to go back for additional selections, click the black arrow located above your opened list of files.
Then, under ‘Destination Cloud’ on the right-hand side of the dashboard, click on your Google Drive account. Select one folder in Google Drive where you would like to place the transferred files.

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Step 3:

Once you make your selections, click, ‘Migrate.’ A new window will pop up asking you who to notify by email when the file transfer from Dropbox to GoogleDrive is complete, as well as an option to delete the source files. Make your selections and click, ‘Confirm Migration.’

You’re finished!

Check Transfer Status

After you click to confirm, CloudFuze will take you to the ‘Migration Reports’ page where you can check on the status of you file migration or wait for the confirmation email.

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Start Your Free File Transfer from Dropbox to Google Drive Now.

Start Your Free File Transfer from Dropbox to Google Drive Now.

  • Halona Geller

    I really appreciate CloudFuze team for nailing down details on customer requirements and turning them in to product features, I was in fact was in a search for a solution to transfer all my Dropbox files to Google drive, my requirement is to send specific files to the selected root directory. CloudFuze is the only solution enabled this option for me also the migration speed is awesome. Kudos to the support team.