Do You Really Need a Cloud Aggregator?

Cloud Aggregator

Cloud computing and cloud storage services have transformed the world of data storage for companies. Users can now store large amounts of data in the virtual realm of the cloud, without additional hardware or software costs, enabling quick and easy access to one’s information from anywhere. But, as the impending shutdown of San Diego-based cloud storage company Nirvanix shows, there are potential problems with utilizing and relying on only one cloud storage provider— and cloud aggregators are the solution.

Nirvanix announced this week that they are closing. They are no longer accepting new customers and have told existing customers that they have until September 30 to remove their data from the Nirvanix servers. The news is shocking, especially since Nirvanix has been a thriving cloud storage service since 2007 with no signs of problems. In fact, a December 2012 cloud service provider comparison report by Gartner, Inc. rated Nirvanix as “excellent” in terms of company viability, and just this spring the company even appointed a new CEO. It seems that no one foresaw the demise of Nirvanix, and the closing of the company is creating real worry and panic in its customers, who now have just days to retrieve their data and find new cloud storage space. Moreover, no one even knows yet exactly what will happen to users’ information if they fail to remove their files from Nirvanix’s cloud service in time, and it is possible that their personal data may be lost forever.

The question, then, is: how can cloud storage users avoid the danger of losing or not being able to access their valuable cloud files because of issues like Nirvanix’s company closure, or even recent instances where cloud provider service has been temporarily compromised by network outages?.The answer is to utilize multiple cloud accounts, and then combine cloud files with an effective cloud storage manager like CloudFuze.

With cloud aggregator software, users can use multiple cloud storage accounts providing access to all cloud files with the ease of a single cloud management interface, while at the same time reducing the dependency on one cloud storage service. With a good cloud aggregator, users can manage several cloud storage providers and the information stored on various clouds with just a single login. Thus, utilizing multiple cloud providers along with efficient cloud aggregation software is the ideal solution to eliminate any possible concerns that might arise with relying on a single cloud provider.

Nirvanix’s shutdown shows that no cloud company or service is infallible, and it should serve as a warning to cloud users who store their personal data with only one cloud service provider. Instead, by storing data on multiple cloud storage accounts and then using a cloud aggregator like CloudFuze, users can switch to alternate cloud storage providers.

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