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Box to sharepoint migration

Gaining a deep understanding of the migration tool is a crucial step for businesses to ensure that they have the right technology for their upcoming Box to SharePoint Online migration project. And a POC (Proof of Concept) migration is a great way to explore the migration tool and see its real-world applications.

This brief guide discusses the importance of POC for businesses looking forward to choosing a migration tool to transfer data from Box to SharePoint Online.

A POC Helps Businesses Understand the Tool in Deep Detail

Demos, live or pre-recorded, only work to some extent for businesses when it comes to an understanding the way the migration tool works. For having a full clarity, any company planning a migration, be it Box to SharePoint, Box to OneDrive, or any other, must prioritize a detailed POC run of the tool.
Importance of a POC migration
A POC helps businesses understand the migration tool in two ways:

  • The technical capabilities of the tool
  • The way the tool addresses specific migration needs

Understanding the Technical Aspects of the Tool From a POC Run

A POC is one of the best opportunities for businesses to understand all the technical aspects of the migration tool they plan to use. For example, if your company is searching for a tool like CloudFuze X-Change and your IT team wants to understand the tool’s functionalities, a POC migration offers much clarity.
Some of the technical aspects to understand include:

  • Integration with Box and Microsoft APIs for secure data access
  • User/content mapping options (e.g., auto-mapping and CSV mapping)
  • Data transfer rate (migration speed)
  • Handling of API throttling
  • Migration Reporting
  • Migration Validation

Understanding these core technical aspects helps your IT team or any company make informed decisions on moving forward with the tool for the migration project.

Understanding How the Tool Addresses Specific Migration Needs

The biggest benefit any company can get from a POC run is understanding how the migration tool can address the specific needs and challenges for the migration project.

For example, if your company wants to transfer all root and sub-level sharing permissions, you must use the POC as an opportunity to learn how the tool migrates and converts them as per the user roles in SharePoint Online.

You can check out this guide to learn how CloudFuze migrates permissions from Box to SharePoint Online.

Some of the action items for businesses to understand the tool’s approach in resolving challenges include:

  • Resolution of special characters in Box files and folders that are unsupported in SharePoint Online
  • Resolution of certain file and folder names unsupported in SharePoint Online
  • Resolution of total decoded file paths that exceed the 400 characters limit of Microsoft 365 in SharePoint Online

CloudFuze has built-in functions that resolve these challenges in an automated way, eliminating manual work.

What More To Expect in a POC for Box to SharePoint Online Migration?

Apart from understanding the functionalities of the migration tool, it is also crucial to understand other aspects related to planning and executing the migration project.
We recommend checking out this guide to learn about the expectations your IT team or company can have during a POC migration.

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