Preparing Sites When Making the Switch to SharePoint from Box

Unlike Box, SharePoint Online works best for shared/team data. Therefore, the best recommendation for businesses planning to switch to SharePoint Online from Box is to create the right SharePoint sites as part of preparing the destination environment (i.e., Microsoft 365).

This guide explores steps that your IT team can take to prepare relevant Sites in SharePoint Online and migrate shared data to them.

Segregate Team and Individual Data

The primary step to take is to segregate shared and individual data. Differentiating them makes it easy for your IT team to migrate shared data to SharePoint Online and individual data to OneDrive from Box.

For example, Box has a single space that stores and displays individual as well as shared data. The presence of individual and shared data in a single space can create challenges for users and their teams to optimize data accessibility, resulting in stagnant or decreasing efficiency.

However, by storing shared data in shared or team drives such as SharePoint and individual data in a personal drive such as OneDrive, users and their teams can add more structure to their everyday tasks and overall workflow.

Create Relevant SharePoint Sites and Map Users to Them

After your IT team has segregated shared data from individual data in Box, you must create relevant sites in SharePoint Online and map to them. For folders and files that are shared with edit access to team members, create Team sites for each team of your company, such as Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Development, and Support.
Here is an example of creating a Marketing Team site for the marketing team.

Make sure to add all the team members to the SharePoint site as site members. Another option is to share the site with each team member and reporting managers with edit access.

After creating relevant SharePoint Online sites for each department in your company, the next needle mover is to map user accounts in Box to the relevant sites.

Here is an example of mapping users from Box to the Marketing site in SharePoint Online in a CSV format.

Apart from creating CSV mapping, it is also important to get the mapping list validated by the migration partner your company chooses to work with. It is only by validating and ensuring the accuracy of the mapping that it becomes possible to load the data into the migration tool and ensure the accurate migration of user data.

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