Low Impact Approach To Migrate Data From Box to SharePoint

Low Impact Approach To Migrate Data

Data migration from one cloud to another can sometimes interrupt business operations, resulting in lowered productivity, missed deadlines, and dissatisfied customers. A well-planned and proactively monitored migration process can help mitigate the conditions that hinder business continuity.

If you are an organization looking to migrate data from Box to SharePoint Online seamlessly with a low to no impact on the end-users, this post has got you covered.

Copy and Move Data Instead of Entirely Moving It

When IT teams plan to migrate Box files to SharePoint Online, often the source cloud data is entirely moved to the destination. This affects business continuity by preventing users from accessing the source cloud data during or after the migration process for future reference.

CloudFuze is a leading data migration tool that follows the approach of ‘copy and move’ rather than ‘cut and move’. This retains the source cloud data unaffected during and after the migration, enabling users to access it.

Use of Super Admin Authorization for Cloud Configuration

For a Box to SharePoint migration tool to carry out the migration, it needs access to both the source (Box) and destination (Microsoft 365) clouds. However, admin access is insufficient during cloud authorization to perform all operations required for an end-to-end migration process.

CloudFuze helps overcome this issue by having super admin access to data. A “super admin” access is a high-level user account that has unrestricted access to all features and settings within a software system or platform. Super admins typically have the ability to manage other user accounts, configure system settings, and perform various administrative tasks.

During data migration, having super admin access can help access all user account data without the need to grant permissions separately for every user account. It also prevents interfering with the business continuity of the users and saves time and effort.

Pre-Provisioning Microsoft 365 Accounts Before Migration

When a company’s internal IT team wants to migrate data from Box to SharePoint Online, it is necessary to keep the destination cloud prepared before the data is transferred. Without proper setup in the destination cloud, the migration can fail or result in flaws or data loss.

CloudFuze helps overcome this challenge by creating Microsoft 365 accounts for every user account and pre-provisioning the respective folders in SharePoint Online. It also helps in creating necessary SharePoint sites that result in better structuring and organization of data and helps minimize migration errors.

Email-Notification Suppression

By default, while migrating the file/folder permissions to SharePoint Online from Box (and other sources), Microsoft notifies each user through email. But this feature can turn out to be a big hindrance to the employee’s productivity as their email inboxes get flooded with notifications when migrating huge volumes of files.

CloudFuze’s managed migration team suppresses the email notifications by disabling this feature during data migration, preventing the destination cloud from sending email notifications to the respective user accounts.

User Training

To achieve business continuity, comprehensive user training is important that covers all aspects of the new cloud environment (Microsoft 365). This may include training on new features, security protocols, data management, and other key areas. Training should also be tailored to the specific needs of each user and department to ensure that everyone has the skills and knowledge they need to perform their tasks effectively.

CloudFuze provides organizations with a preview of the destination cloud and trains the users to get familiar with the new interface and its features.

Cloud data migration from Box to SharePoint Online can be quite challenging and might hamper employee productivity by interfering with business continuity. Ensure a disruption-free migration

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