Just months after the company was formally launched, CloudFuze Version 1.1 comes to market.

CARY, NC – February 11, 2013 – CloudFuze, a leader in cloud storage services management, has announced the release of its flagship product, CloudFuze Version 1.1. Available to customers starting today, the initial Windows desktop version is the first release in a suite of forthcoming products.

The CloudFuze application provides customers with a single platform to manage all of their cloud storage accounts and files. Version 1.1 supports leading cloud storage services Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and SugarSync. Future versions will support additional cloud service providers.

CloudFuze 1.1 offers customers a number of collaboration and management features across multiple cloud services, including the ability to:

  • Sync files across different cloud storage services with just the click of a mouse
  • Access multiple cloud storage accounts with a single login
  • Search for files across multiple cloud storage accounts, without having to log in and out to search each account individually
  • Move files across cloud storage services with simple drag and drop function, instead of having to download and then upload files to different accounts with separate logins
  • Organize and manage files by creating categories that reach across multiple cloud storage services

“We are excited to release our first product and, more importantly, to begin working directly with customers to help them realize the collaboration and productivity benefits offered by new cloud file storage possibilities,” remarks Ravi Poli, Founder and CEO of CloudFuze.

The Version 1.1. Windows desktop release is only the introductory piece in the suite of CloudFuze products currently being designed. “This release is the first step in our effort to build out a suite of products that give customers easy access to their files and documents located on multiple cloud storage services—from anywhere, using any device,” says Poli.

Coming later in 2013 will be mobile products for iOS and Android as well as a web application, as CloudFuze works to extend the reach of their cloud management platform to any device.

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