How CloudFuze Is Helping Tech Enterprises Migrate Successfully

Large-sized technology enterprises make up the bulk of our customer segment for whom we have created cloud migration success stories over the years. By working with such companies, we have gained a lot of deep insights and developed methodologies that enable us to tailor our cloud office migration solutions and meet the specific migration use cases.

If you are representing a tech enterprise with plans to move critical business data between clouds, you can use this post as a starting point to gain insights into our expertise in this domain. You’ll also be able to gain a high-level overview of the case studies on some of our biggest tech enterprise customers who leveraged our solutions to create their data migration success.

Strategic Roadmaps for Consolidation and M&A Use Cases

Most technology enterprises that have chosen us as their migration partner share migration use case similarities. A look into our cloud migration case studies, and you’ll find that cloud consolidation and M&As (mergers and acquisitions) are the common use cases.

Some of the biggest and world-renowned tech enterprises, such as Front App and Intuit, have migrated with our solutions to consolidate into larger cloud office suites, including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. On the other hand, medical technology giants like Stryker have streamlined their acquisitions with our M&A-focused migration solutions.

Here are some of the high-level insights into how we cater to consolidation and M&A use cases for tech enterprises:

Migration Use Cases Our Solutions
Consolidations With our solutions, we have enabled tech enterprises to migrate not only their source cloud storage’s users and files/folders but also data of third-party apps integrated into their drive, such as chat apps, email systems, digital whiteboards, and more. This way, our past customers have been able to move away from all their source platforms and consolidate into a single cloud suite which has also helped eliminate the complexities of managing multiple cloud licenses.
Mergers and Acquisitions The common complexity in M&A migrations is cross-mapping user accounts in ways that help retain access levels and metadata. We have helped our tech customer address these pain points by taking a granular approach during the CSV mapping process.

Stringent Security and Compliance Requirements

Like businesses in other industries, technology enterprises, especially consumer-first tech firms, have strict security policies. And our teams have done an incredible job through the years in ensuring a high level of security, down to the migration of each user account, file, folder, link, message, email, and more.

From ensuring SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliance to using the most advanced and secure servers, we leave no stone unturned in securing every migration, regardless of its size and complexity.

Explore our security guide to learn more about our security practices and policies.

Get More Insights into Our Migration Solutions

Apart from cloud migration success case studies, you can also explore our white papers to get more insights into the workings of our solutions and methodologies. You can also connect with our migration team and deep dive into how we can help you create your tech company’s data migration success.

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