Merger and Acquisition Migration: Why Choose CloudFuze?

For a lot of companies, merger and acquisition migrations are the key to establishing synergies that live up to the results anticipated through the merger or acquisition deal. However, planning and performing M&A migrations is often more challenging than regular migrations simply due to the fact that it has to be a balancing act of combining the workforce of two separate companies.

To navigate the complexities and challenges, partnering with a migration service provider that has proven expertise in M&A migrations is the way to go. At CloudFuze, we have developed industry-leading expertise in helping companies migrate during mergers and acquisitions over the years.

Why Choose CloudFuze for M&A Migrations?

As one of the leading cloud office migration service providers focused on offering one-stop-shop solutions, we at CloudFuze, have the insights and experience in enabling businesses to migrate in sync with their M&A journey. Through granular and bespoke approaches, we ensure that your organization can maximize the value out of the merger or acquisition deal.

Explore some of the high-level points on why and how CloudFuze can be your ideal migration partner for your company’s merger and acquisition migration.

1. A Track Record of Performing M&A Migrations for Large Enterprises

We have helped some of the largest, world-renowned organizations, such as Intuit and Stryker, migrate for their merger and acquisition use cases. Our migration team deeply understood their M&A use case and helped plan the migration in strategic ways.

By ensuring proper SOW planning, timeline planning, user batch segregation, migration validation, and merger and acquisition change management, we have helped Intuit, Stryker, and other large-sized companies migrate successfully.

2. Framing a Tailored Merger and Acquisition Migration Roadmap

A big part of what makes us an industry expert in creating M&A migration success stories is our strategic approach toward roadmap planning. We avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and focus on every M&A-related migration requirement with a tailored approach.

With more than a decade of migration experience, we have gained insight into framing migration roadmaps that are specific to mergers and acquisitions. Connect with our migration team to further understand how we can help you plan a migration roadmap and timeline that adjusts to your organization’s M&A journey.

3. Establishing Proper Communication to Avoid Silos

Proper communication is the key to making any migration project successful. It is more important in migrations for mergers and acquisitions as two different companies are involved in the project. With a three-way communication system between the parent company, the merging/acquired company, and the migration vendor (e.g., CloudFuze), we ensure that there are no communication gaps, which, otherwise, can raise the risk of loopholes that can result in performance and security compromises.

4. Streamlining Change Management

Change management cannot be an afterthought, especially during M&A migrations, as proper syncing with the parent company post-M&A and migration is a must. As part of offering comprehensive migration solutions, we help businesses plan their migration with change management as a priority right from the initial phases of the project. This way, your company and IT team can ensure that the end-users do not get impacted by the significant transition.

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