Build Your Own Cloud Storage with CloudFuze

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Build Your Own Cloud Storage with CloudFuze:
The need for remote file access and advanced file management capabilities has rapidly increased at the enterprise level. Legacy private file servers are tried and true and approved by IT departments but have significant limitations when compared to newer technologies in terms of delivering mobile access and advanced file management capabilities like sharing and collaboration.

IT departments obviously want to bring the latest technologies to the workforces that they support and enable increased productivity. But they can be hindered by existing financial commitments to private storage infrastructure and questions about how to control and secure new file storage models. Because of these challenges, many companies continue to rely on outdated implementations despite the fact that the workforce that they support could be more productive with newer capabilities.

These challenges have also driven companies to explore (often via pilot projects) the adoption of public cloud storage services. But is there a way to have the best of both worlds? Can enterprises keep their private storage implementations but at the same time add a layer of more advanced access and collaboration capabilities? In fact, CloudFuze can help organizations convert their existing private storage infrastructure into a private cloud that is accessible via the CloudFuze suite of apps for desktop, web and mobile clients.

There are a couple ways to integrate CloudFuze to your local file system:

  • Connecting through FTP: Local files can be accessed using FTP connected to the local file server. This FTP account can be added to and accessed through a CloudFuze account. By accessing these through CloudFuze, you gain multi-device accessibility and also a number of collaboration features beyond basic file access
  • Connecting through NFS: CloudFuze integrates NFS Virtual Cloud Storage Services again offering an important layer of file management and collaboration features to a basic NFS file system

Using either model, CloudFuze customers can essentially build their own private cloud storage service, leverage their existing infrastructure and bring next-generation file access and collaboration tools to the workforces that they support.

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