5 Features To Test in a Google Drive to SharePoint Migration Tool

Google Drive to SharePoint Migration Tool

Testing the features during a trial or POC is a needle mover for businesses planning to choose a Google Drive to SharePoint migration tool for migrating users/data from the former to the latter cloud. A detailed test of the features helps companies get full clarity on the technical capabilities of the migration tool.

This guide lists the action items to help IT teams perform the necessary tests and make informed decisions in moving forward with a migration tool.

1. Check Whether High Volume User and Data Migration Is Supported

One of the primary capabilities to check of any Google Drive to SharePoint migration tool is the support for high-volume user and data migration. If your company has a lot of users and data to migrate, it is crucial to choose a tool, such as CloudFuze X-Change, that supports high-volume migration without any downtime.
Some of the key factors that help determine the high-volume user and data migration capability include:

  • Fail-proof migration tool code
  • Server allocation and bandwidth management
  • API calls and throttling risk management

CloudFuze’s migration platform is designed to migrate terabytes and petabytes of data and help enterprises, MSPs, and SMBs transfer source cloud content to destination without any downtime.

2. Test the Sharing Permissions Migration Capability

Since sharing permissions are one of the critical features of migrate, it is crucial for every company and their IT team to check, test, and ensure that the tool supports permissions migration. It is equally important to ensure that the migration tool supports migration of all levels of permissions.
Various levels of folder and file permissions include:

  • Root folder permissions
  • Root file permissions
  • Inner folder permissions
  • Inner file permissions

With CloudFuze, businesses can migrate root and inner folder and file permissions from Google Drive to SharePoint with complete accuracy.
Here is how CloudFuze migrates and converts permissions from Google Drive to SharePoint Online:

Google Drive SharePoint Online
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3. Check if Unsupported Character Replacement Is Available

Since Microsoft 365 has character limitations in file and folder names, it is important that the migration tool supports the replacement of unsupported characters to prevent the files and folders from going into conflict.
Microsoft 365 does not support these special characters in file and folder names:
Microsoft 365 Unsupported special characters

CloudFuze automatically replaces these characters unsupported in SharePoint online with a hyphen (-) or an underscore (_) with its built-in function.

4. Test the Accuracy of Embedded Links Migration

Embedded links play an integral role in ensuring efficiency in collaboration. Therefore, businesses planning to move Google Drive to SharePoint extensively must migrate embedded links and check for the availability of the feature in the migration tool.

Only market-leading migration tools, such as CloudFuze, can transfer embedded links from Google Drive to SharePoint Online without breaking them and with complete accuracy.You can learn more about embedded link migration in this post.

5. Check the Availability of Delta Migration and Test It

Delta migration is a must-have for business migration projects that involve migrating a large number of users and data size. And the longer the migration duration, the more incremental changes will pile up in the source cloud (Google Drive).

Therefore, it is essential to check and ensure that the migration tool has the delta migration capability to transfer all the incremental changes to the destination cloud (SharePoint Online).

With CloudFuze, businesses get the option to perform not just one but multiple delta migration to ensure that the data migrated to SharePoint Online is updated with all the latest incremental changes.

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