Migrate Slack Self Messages to Microsoft Teams with CloudFuze

When planning the migration of messages from Slack to Teams, one of the commonly overlooked message types is self-messages. They may seem trivial, however, they play an integral role in facilitating user collaboration.

In this brief guide, we have listed a couple of high-level steps you need to take to migrate self-messages of all the users from Slack to Microsoft Teams.

The Importance of Migrating Self-Messages

When it comes to ensuring total replication of Slack messages in Teams and lowering user impact, migrating self-messages becomes crucial. There are a lot of ways how users use self-messaging feature in Slack. For example, many users prepare drafts of text messages before sending them to their team members or senior members of the organization.

Therefore, by preserving all the existing self-messages in Microsoft Teams, you ensure that the end users do not lose any of their drafts and other resources (such as links, phone numbers, etc.) that they have saved by self-messaging themselves.

Steps to Migrate Self Messages from Slack to Teams

In the Direct Messages migration stage, make sure to choose pairings between same users to migrate all the self-messages. In the Reports section below, you can see how the same user to user pairing looks like:

Migrate Self Messages from Slack to Teams

Here’s a screenshot of the self-messages in Slack (source cloud):

self-messages in Slack

Here’s a screenshot of the self-messages migrated to Microsoft Teams (destination cloud):

self-messages migrated to Microsoft Teams

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