How to Transfer Files from Google Drive to Microsoft 365 Account?

If your organization is migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 and wants to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive or Google Shared Drive to SharePoint Online, this is the article for you.

In this technical guide, we’ll discuss different methods to transfer files and folders from Google Drive to Microsoft 365 easily.

Understand the Migration Process

There are different ways through which you can transfer your Google Drive data to OneDrive, i.e., the destination storage drive. However, it is important to understand your organization’s migration needs, i.e, the volume of data that needs to be migrated, what is the budget you have, when you want the migration to be completed, etc.

Now, let’s jump to the different methods that you can follow.

Method – 1: Using Google Drive and OneDrive

If you have a small volume of data or want to perform a small-scale migration, you can leverage the built-in integration between Google Drive and OneDrive. Here are the steps you can follow to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive.

  • Export Files from Google Drive: First, select the files and folders you want to transfer to Microsoft 365. Then, right-click on the selection and choose the ‘Download’ option. This will save your data on the local device.
  • Upload Files to OneDrive – Once you download the files and folders, go to the OneDrive app. After that, click on the ‘upload’ button. Then, select the files and folders you downloaded from Google Drive. This process will upload your data to the OneDrive.
  • Organize and Collaborate – Once the files and folders are uploaded to OneDrive, you can organize the same into folders at the destination.

Limitation – This method is applicable to perform only small scale migration and it takes a longer duration to complete the process. Also, this process is not suitable for large-scale migration.

Method -2: Using A Professional Migration Tool

When you want to perform a large-scale Google Drive to Microsoft 365 migration, it is best to opt for a professional migration tool like CloudFuze X-Change. Our migration tool is specially designed to carry out file migration between cloud storage platforms. It offers various features such as bulk file transfer, auto-mapping, and more. Check out the below steps to transfer from Google Drive to Microsoft 365.

  • Access the Migration Tool – Once you have the credentials, login to the migration tool to transfer from Google Drive to OneDrive.
  • Connect Accounts – After you log into the migration tool, sign in to both Google Drive and Microsoft 365 accounts. Then, follow the tool instructions and move next.
  • Select Files for Transfer – Once the user accounts are mapped, select the respective users to migrate its content.
  • Start the Migration – Now, initiate the process and monitor the same in between. Based on the size and complexity of the Google Drive content, it will take sufficient time to complete the process successfully.
  • Validate the Migration – After completion of the migration process, verify whether the required files and folders are transferred to the Microsoft 365 account or not.


With our professional cloud data migration tool, your IT team can seamlessly transfer any number of files and folders to the Microsoft 365 account. However, in case you need any technical support then our migration team is available to assist you promptly. You can contact our team directly or discuss your query.

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