Transfer Files from Box to OneDrive with In-Line Comments

Transfer Files from Box to OneDrive

As organizations consider migrating data from Box to OneDrive, the challenge lies not only in transferring the data itself but also in preserving the unique features and functionalities that Box offers. Inline file comments are one such platform-specific feature offered by Box.

Unlike other cloud storage solutions, Box includes in-line comments that allow users to provide feedback and initiate discussions within a file. This article delves into the significance of in-line comments, the rationale behind migrating them, and how this process can be effectively facilitated with the right tools and strategies.

What are In-Line Comments?

Box’s in-line comments feature lets users leave feedback, annotations, and suggestions directly within a file. It improves collaboration by eliminating the need for different communication channels or email threads to discuss specific sections of a document.

In-line comments are often used to provide clarifications, suggest edits, or engage in discussions within the file itself. This feature fosters efficient communication, reduces confusion, and accelerates decision-making processes.

Why Migrate In-Line Comments from Box to OneDrive?

When organizations decide to migrate from Box to OneDrive, preserving in-line comments becomes crucial. These comments often contain valuable insights, discussions, and historical context integral to ongoing projects and collaborations.

Migrating files without transferring in-line comments can lead to a loss of critical information and disrupt the seamless flow of work. Thus, migrating in-line comments ensures that the collaborative history of files is retained, enabling teams to transition to the new platform without disruptions.

How to Transfer In-Line Comments from Box to One Drive

Migrating files along with in-line comments from Box to OneDrive can be a complex task, but it can be achieved efficiently with the right tools. CloudFuze is a comprehensive migration solution that facilitates the seamless transfer of files from Box to OneDrive while preserving in-line comments.

In addition to in-line comments, CloudFuze also facilitates the migration of various other attributes associated with Box files. These include permissions, comments, timestamps, internal links, external links, shared links, and embedded links. Transferring these features is straightforward with CloudFuze, i.e., you can achieve this by selecting the corresponding options, as shown in the image below.

In-Line Comments from Box to One Drive

Example Illustrating the Migration of In-Line Comments from Box to OneDrive

Let us consider migrating a Box file with one in-line comment, as shown in the image below.

Box file with one in-line comment

Below is the in-line comment added to the document.

 in-line comment added to the document

Since Google Drive does not support in-line comments, CloudFuze transfers each file’s in-line comments into a .CSV file. This newly created .CSV file retains the same file name in the same path.

The below image shows how the .CSV file is created with in-line comments after migrating to OneDrive.

CSV for IN line comments

The .CSV file includes all the in-line comments of a particular file with username, date, and email, as shown below.

CSV Mapping

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