Take Your Productivity to the Skies with Cloud File Sharing

The cloud and its limitless space has made it easier for people and businesses to store, access, and manage information in our increasingly mobile world. Even more valuable is the way that cloud file sharing can be an incredible productivity booster for businesses. Let’s look at some of the ways that cloud file-sharing software and cloud file-sharing services help businesses heighten productivity.

Remote access to files.

By using cloud file-sharing systems for storage of documents and other data on remote, internet-based cloud servers, professionals can access their data wherever they go and from nearly any device with internet service.Companies that have distributed or mobile work forces, in particular, benefit greatly from the ease of access offered by cloud file sharing and storage. Professionals can more easily and effectively work outside the office when needed, enabling them to be productive and not lose valuable time just because they are away from their desks.

Improved collaboration.

Cloud file sharing boosts productivity by making professional communication and cloud file collaboration faster and easier. Whether between employees or a collaborative effort among outside associates, cloud file sharing connects people in ways never before possible. Teams of workers, even those located across the world, can now collaborate on specific projects using cloud file-sharing/storage sites like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box,One Drive, Share File, Alfresco, CMIS, Ubuntu One, FTP, WebDAV and Amazon S3 all of which act as virtual data rooms storing company files. What’s more, cloud file-sharing software keeps users’ files synced in real time as changes are made, so that all users have access to the most updated version. Productivity is increased as workers are able to more efficiently collaborate and complete a project without the wasted time of email and meetings, or the hassle of USBs and other outdated means of sharing information.

Less IT support hold-ups.

Cloud technology improves productivity because it is easy to use. Employees can usually navigate and use cloud file-sharing software and updates without the help of IT departments. The decreased need for IT experts not only reduces productivity lulls as workers wait for service, but can also save businesses money that can be reallocated to bolster efficiency in other ways. Because it’s easy to use, cloud file-sharing software, which is constantly being updated and improved, can be implemented and used almost immediately. To make things even simpler, a number of cloud file-sharing services are available to streamline and improve cloud-based operations, such as cloud aggregators like CloudFuze that allow users to access and manage all of their cloud storage files on different servers from a single cloud-based application.

Easier telecommuting.

Telecommuting has become ever more popular in the last decade as technology has made it possible for many professionals to do their jobs from home. Many initially argued that remote workers would be less driven and less productive, but, in fact, telecommuting has proven to actually cut down on wasted time caused by interruptions and other distractions in the workplace, thereby improving productivity. Since they help facilitate telecommuting by making it possible to access files remotely and collaborate with coworkers from anywhere, cloud storage technologies and cloud file sharing serve to increase overall business productivity.

Added protection.

With cloud file sharing, remote data storage can mean greater productivity.CloudBackup’s 2013 Data Loss Statistics found that about 70% of professionals experience critical data loss due to issues like accidental deletion, hardware failure, viruses, or natural disaster—and lost files equal lost time and reduced productivity. However, working and collaborating with cloud-based files can help businesses avoid productivity delays caused by such data loss, theft,and local hardware malfunctions or crashes, because files are stored remotely and out of harm’s way. Many cloud file-sharing services even have file restoration and recovery point options to help users get back to work quickly in case any catastrophe does occur. Also, cloud file-sharing services with internal data protection measures like Oauth and salt password encryption serve to further protect your data.

In these ways and more, cloud file-sharing systems provide businesses with storage and collaboration tools that can markedly increase business productivity. Some cloud file-sharing services even offer a limited amount of free storage, and cloud aggregators like CloudFuze can enable businesses to leverage the space available on various, free cloud file-sharing services while avoiding some of the risks that come with relying on just one service. To decide which cloud file-sharing site is best for your needs, check out some cloud file-sharing reviews, and you’ll be on your way to maximizing your productivity with the cloud!

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