Strategy to Switch to Google Drive from Box During an M&A

Is your organization preparing for an upcoming Merger or an Acquisition (M&A)? Then you must understand why having a data migration strategy is important before transferring data across two different clouds.

Without a proper data migration strategy, M&A undertakings of any scale can be chaotic, and achieving the intended business outcomes of the M&A can be challenging.

This post describes the critical migration strategy points to be considered while migrating from Box to Google Drive.

1. Syncing Data Migration Timeline With M&A Deadline

The internal IT team would estimate the duration of an M&A process before kick-starting it. So when you plan to migrate Box data to Google Drive, the migration timeline must align with the estimated M&A deadline.

One of the best practices to follow when you switch to Google Drive from Box is to segregate the migration into multiple batches. Along with batch processing, include pre-migration assessment and delta migration approaches to precisely measure the time-based progress of the migration.

You can also check out this migration timeline guide to learn more about how to plan the migration timeline.

2. Transfer of Permissions

Transferring File/Folder permissions from one cloud to another is quite challenging if done manually. So as a part of an M&A strategy, you must plan a strategic approach to move permissions from the source to the destination cloud.

CloudFuze is a cloud data migration tool that makes an effortless transfer of file/folder permissions when you migrate Box content to Google Drive.

3. Preparing the Destination Cloud

Before initiating the process to migrate Box data to Google Drive, it is important to prepare and pre-provision the destination cloud path. This ensures the target path is readily available when transferring data from the source cloud.

CloudFuze’s migration team helps prepare the destination paths in Google Drive to store the user data.

4. Migrating Box Notes to Google Drive

Your data migration strategy should also include a proper plan to handle the migration of Box files to Google Drive during an M&A. This is important because Box Notes are incompatible with Google Drive and must be converted to a supported format.

CloudFuze X-change is a leading data migration tool that supports Box Notes migration and converts Box Notes to .docx format, supported in Google Drive.

5. File Features

During an M&A, consider transferring the associated file features when you move data from the source to the destination cloud to maintain accuracy.

CloudFuze X-Change enables migration of critical file features like external and shared links, version history, permissions, etc., to maintain the exact data in the target (Google Drive) the way they are in the source (Box).

6. Migration of Timestamps

If your company has an upcoming M&A project, you must make strategic decisions in migrating the timestamps of the files/folders.

Maintaining the original timestamps helps employees to sort and access the files easily.

CloudFuze enables transferring the associated timestamps of the data when you migrate from Box to Google Drive. You can also refer to this metadata migration guide to learn more.

Reach out to our data migration experts to assist you in creating a custom strategy for your data migration project during an M&A.

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