Move Dropbox to Google Drive: Consolidate in Google Workspace

Planning to move Dropbox to Google Drive to consolidate into Google Workspace? If yes, you must have a proper strategy that places priority on every critical aspect of the migration process. And to frame a well-informed strategy, insights work wonders.

Here are some of the high-level actionable insights that you can use to inform your company’s plan to move from Dropbox to Google Drive and consolidate into the Google Workspace cloud suite:

Consider Migrating the Entire Dropbox Drive

When it comes to planning a migration, including Dropbox to Google Drive and Google Shared Drives migration, for consolidating fully into the target cloud office (Google Workspace in this case), it is best to transfer all the users accounts and their files and folders. In fact, this is the approach most of our past customers have taken as part of their efforts to consolidate into the target cloud.

Case in Point: Intuit, a leading financial software company, wanted to consolidate into Google Workspace by moving away from Dropbox and other cloud storage drives. With our help, they were able to plan a strategic roadmap and perform the mammoth migration securely and successfully. Learn about the case study here.

Consider Moving Away from Other Source Clouds and Dropbox Integrations

As part of fully letting go of the existing cloud platforms and consolidate the entire cloud operations into Google Workspace, it is important that your company considers moving away from all other source clouds and third-party apps integrated with Dropbox, such as:

  • Chat messaging platform
  • Email platform
  • Digital whiteboards

With our one-stop Google Workspace migration solution, you can move away from Dropbox and all other source clouds to fully embrace Google Workspace and consolidate into it. We make this mammoth task simple and secure with our industry-leading technology and proven methodologies. Contact our team today to learn more.

Ensure Replication to Avoid End-User Disruption

Replication is key when moving Dropbox data to Google Drive for total consolidation into Google Workspace. Make sure that the migration tool you plan to use has the capability to accurately replicate all the files and folders your team plans to migrate.

Equally important is to replicate:

  • Sharing permissions
  • File versions
  • Embedded links
  • External shares
  • Timestamps
  • Shared links

Migrate Dropbox Paper with Proper Format Conversion

Lastly, when migrating Dropbox Paper files to Google Drive, make sure that the migration tool can properly convert them into the formats Google Workspace supports. .DOCX is the ideal format to convert Dropbox Paper files into to make sure they are supported in Google Drive and Shared Drives.

Our migration tool, X-Change, ensures accurate conversion of Dropbox Paper files into the .DOCX format for Google Workspace compatibility.

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