Filter Slack DMs and Group Messages When Migrating to Teams

When it comes to moving away from Slack and embracing Microsoft Teams, your organization has two options: either to migrate the entire Slack data (such as Channels, messages, etc.) or migrate them selectively.

If your IT team is planning to take the approach of selectively migrating Slack direct messages and Channel messages (group messages) to Teams, our date range filter can help you do that. Continue reading to learn about all the steps to using the date range filter functionality of our migration tool:

Migrate Slack DMs and Group Messages Selectively by Filtering Dates

We will jump straight to the process of using our Slack to Teams migration tool’s date range filer feature by skipping a couple first steps.

Filter the Date Range for Slack Channel Messages

To filter the date range of Slack Channel messages, visit the Channels mapping section of our migration tool. Next, click on the date under the “Channel Date” section.

Slack Channel Messages

Filter the Date Range for Slack Direct Messages

Similarly, visit the Direct Messages section of our migration tool to select a specific date range. Click on the date under the “Chat Date” section and select the date range that you want for filtering direct messages.

Date Range for Slack Direct Messages

Migrate to Teams from Slack with A Strategic Approach

Enable your organization to migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams strategically by selectively transferring group messages and direct messages for a high ROI. Our industry-leading tool ensures the highest level of security during the entire transition.

Connect with our migration team to understand how we can tailor our solutions for your company’s specific Slack to Teams migration requirements.

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