Migrate GDrive to OneDrive in Your Company’s On-Prem Environment

On-Prem Environment

Security is the biggest priority for businesses that need to migrate highly sensitive internal data from Google Drive to OneDrive. Government agencies, financial firms, data aggregators, and healthcare and educational institutions must avoid their internal data from going into external networks.

Performing the data transfer process locally, in an on-prem environment, is the best step to migrate GDrive to OneDrive in the most secure way possible.

Explore this post to learn about the key steps you need to take to migrate to OneDrive from Google Drive in a local environment.

1. Plan and Finalize the Scope of Work (SOW)

It is crucial for businesses to plan a proper scope of work to migrate Google Drive data to OneDrive for Business in an on-prem environment and finalize it to proceed with the migration project. A proper SOW can or must include these factors:

  • Pre-migration analysis
  • Replicating file and folder structure in OneDrive
  • Overcoming OneDrive and SharePoint limitations
  • Migrating root and inner sharing permissions
  • Migrating Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in Microsoft-supported formats
  • Migrating embedded links
  • Migrating file versions
  • Migrating timestamps
  • Migrating shared links
  • Migrating external shares
  • Migrating incremental changes

Planning the migration scope of work

2. Prepare the On-prem Migration Environment

The next step after finalizing the scope of work is to prepare the on-prem environment where you will deploy the migration tool to transfer users and data from Google Drive to SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

Compared to a cloud-based environment, on-prem environment-based migration requires initial set up. Therefore, it is crucial to get the preparation part right, including allocating capable API, Move, DB servers with the right hardware configuration.

Here is an example:

Server Type OS User Required Hardware Expected Resource (Max) Ports Required
API Ubuntu 16.04 Server root
H Disk (GB)
22, 80, 443, 10050, 8080
Move Ubuntu 16.04 Server root
H Disk (GB)
22, 8080, 10050
DB Ubuntu 16.04 Server root
H Disk (GB)
22, 15642, 10050

Since your company will be responsible for the security and performance of the API, Move, and DB servers, it is critical that your IT team chooses top-tier service from the leading providers.

It is also crucial to perform a thorough sanity test on the API and DB servers to prepare them for the migration in an optimal way.

3. Deploy CloudFuze Migration Tool

Once the on-prem environment is ready for use, the next step is to deploy the migration tool into your company’s local data center. With a managed migration provider like CloudFuze, you can have the migration tool configured into your on-prem environment without your IT team facing any hassle.

At CloudFuze, our dedicated migration team takes the responsibility of configuring our migration tool X-Change into your on-prem servers, freeing your IT team from the tool deployment complexities.

Deploying CloudFuze migration tool

4. Initiate the Migration as per the Planned Timeline

Your IT team must coordinate with the migration service provider to initiate the migration as per the planned migration timeline.

Starting the on-prem environment-based Google Drive to OneDrive data transfer on time helps your IT team meet the expectations set in the timeline. Also, initiate the delta migration on time after completing the one-time migration phase.

Starting the migration as per the timeline

It is best to perform a test or a POC migration before initiating the actual migration project.

5. Check for Reports To Validate Migrated Users and Data

Check the migration reports generated by the migration tool to validate the migrated users and data. Your IT team must make it a priority to check the migration report of every batch. It is equally important to add every stakeholder as the recipient of regular migration reports.

Checking the data migration reports

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